The Running Thread - 2021


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Jul 6, 2016
Welcome to the 2021 Edition of the Running Thread!

We talk all things running (and some things not!).. and of course, we throw in some Disney too.

ALL runners are welcome to share, read, chat and encourage. We are a supportive community and welcome all to join! The group ranges from brand new runners to Boston Qualifiers & ultra-marathoners; there is a virtual seat for everyone- don't be shy to jump in!

We will post periodic "Questions of the Day" (QOTD) and encourage everyone to participate. Please also feel free to share upcoming races and post-race reports.

Without further ado.... let's get this thread running!


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Jul 4, 2015
Looking forward to joining this thread this year!

ATTQOTD: New Year = New Running Goals
- Be safe, healthy, and HAPPY
- Be injury-free and able to run again
- Restart my first @DopeyBadger training plan, and complete it!
- Safely complete the runDisney virtual races I'm registered for: Princess 5K, Princess FTC, Star Wars 10K & Star Wars Half
- Have local live races return
- Have runDisney announce a safe return to live races!
- Be able to register for my first marathon at WDW Marathon Weekend 2022

Happy New Year! :cheer2:
  • GreatLakes

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    Aug 6, 2015
    QOTD: New Year = New Goals. What running (and/or personal) goals do you have for 2021?
    • Work more on mobility. I always say I'll do this, and I do spend some time on it, but I want to work more on flexibility to try and stay injury free.
    • Run my first trail half marathon
    • Continue to spend more time on trails with a mileage goal of 250 trail miles in 2021 (Had 122.18 this year)
    • Pick a fall marathon and train for a BQ time. I feel I may need to do two training cycles to get my time down to a BQ but I want to see where I'm at with a real training plan.


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    Aug 4, 2003
    ATTQOD: goals for 2021

    1. lose 10 lbs (Christmas was not kind but obviously the food was delicious)
    2. Hiking challenge 52 hikes this year (this will be tough but throwing it out there). My running is actually better when I am also hiking.
    3. keep the injuries down by more foam rolling, exercises and hiking.
    4. this one might be a bit longer than 2021, but to qualify again to run the Boston Marathon in Boston.

    this is one I am pondering but working on the 5K distance for a PR. My gut says in 2021 live races may be small local 5Ks. It just clashes a bit with BQ, but realistically a BQ will probably be in 2022.


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    Dec 28, 2009
    QOTD: New Year = New Goals. What running (and/or personal) goals do you have for 2021?
    1. Maintain my base fitness. Aside from two local tris, I have no races planned this year, making it all the more important to keep up my daily training so I can be ready for Dopey 2022 training in August.
    2. Do another crazy Everesting type challenge with my training group
    3. Do more to stay flexible and injury free. My bike fitter scolded me for rocking a little due to tight hip flexors and IT band.


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    Jul 10, 2015
    QOTD: New Year = New Goals. What running (and/or personal) goals do you have for 2021?
    1. Attempt to run another half under 2 hours for a new POT. I’m signed up for one in April. Weather could be ???
    2. Run a good effort, feels good, marathon.
    3. Have fun and don’t get burned out with several marathons in the fall.
    4. Successfully register for Dopey 2022.
  • flav

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    Oct 12, 2014
    QOTD: New Year = New Goals. What running (and/or personal) goals do you have for 2021?
    ATTQOTD: I want to stay healthy and have fun while doing so. That gives me the following sub-goals.
    1) Run 2021k in 2021. It is really an engagement to prioritize running.
    2) Keep accelerating using a personalized training plan. If BQ is theoretically attainable and in-person racing resumes by October, then go get it!
    3) Work on strength and flexibility. That is essential if I want to achieve the other goals and definitively my weakness right now.
    4) Eat sensibly. Instead of putting a weight loss, slow eating or sugar reduction goal that I know I will resent, I will try to mostly be consistent and not exaggerate. Food is one of the pleasure of life and appreciating it with moderation is important to me.


    Oct 15, 2015

    Hopefully simple goals for this year.

    1) Run a healthy marathon.
    2) PR at either mile, 5k, 10k, HM, or M.

    Tossing around the idea of going after the mile again. Due to the lack of mile races, I was thinking of signing up for a fast 5k and trying to hold on with the leaders for the first mile.


    Aug 3, 2017
    Writing it down for accountability purposes...


    My achievable goals:
    1.) Actually run a race.
    2.) Complete my virtual Fairy Tale Challenge (doing the runs on back-to-back days as intended)
    3.) Complete my training plan(s) and not quit 8 or 10 weeks in like I usually do.

    My pie-in-the-sky goals:
    1.) get my half marathon pace under 11min.
    2.) sub 60-min 10k
    3.) Full Marathon (this is pie-in-the-sky because of the mental hurdle that double digit mileage is for me, and 20+ miles really freaks me out right now, but I know that LOGICALLY, I can train to be able to do it.)


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    Oct 5, 2016
    Run 2021km for the year (so, like, 1256 miles)

    Get a Marathon-qualifying PoT in case Disney races come back in 2022. My last qualifying half marathon time for a marathon PoT is from November 2018.

    Sub 5-hr time in the Philadelphia Marathon in November, which I have deferred entry from 2020

    Stay injury-free, which will help with all the others

    softball chick

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    Jul 28, 2008
    ~Run/Walk a total of 800+ miles for the year
    ~Run an in-person race
    ~Get an updated PoT with a sub-60 min 10K
    ~Compete my virtual RunDisney races, especially my Fairy Tale Challenge
    ~Successfully register for Princess Weekend 2022 and the "Rethemed" April 2022 half marathon (going to try for legacy)


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    Feb 17, 2006
    1. Run at least 1000 miles
    2. Remain healthy
    3. Participate in an in-person race
    4. PR any distance
    5. Help Austin overcome his fears, so that he can get even more joy out of life
    6. Successfully introduce Austin to other greyhounds in the area. First attempt last fall failed miserably: he was so scared he wouldn't get out of the car.