The official SINGLES SEEKING SINGLES dating thread- PROFILES ONLY!!!


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May 21, 2009
Agreed. I *MAY* have met someone through disboards myself, but overall I am disappointed in the men. :mad:

I agree with DFD - those who are close in geography should schedule a group meet or something. You'll never know unless you give someone else a try.

Anger aside, here's hoping we all find our Prince Charmings :grouphug:
Carey!!! I am so glad to read this!!! :hug: Hope all is well with you and have a wonderful Holiday :drinking1

You better help me bump this thread even now that you have sorta kinda found your prince :p


Mar 5, 2009
First Name: Joe

Location: Bucks County, PA

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hair/Eye Color: Auburn, Hazel

Body Type: Average

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: Assistant Manager

Do you have any kids: Nah

Do you have any pets: Nope

Favorite activities: Disney Parks (duh), Artsy Crap, Animating

Favorite movie: Ghostbusters

Favorite color(s): Blue?

Favorite Disney character(s): Lady

A little bit about yourself: I am an art student living on my own NOT producing art. Ha! Uuumm...I just enjoy living the dream for now.

A little bit about your ideal match: Gotta be smart, funny, love Disney and have GREAT teeth!


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Jun 4, 2009
Well if you all would move to Florida that would make it a lot easier for the men in the thread who live there ;) What's that, we should move? Hey, we're the ones living close to Disney World!
  • captaindavidhook

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    Mar 11, 2008
    First Name: David

    Location: NJ

    Age: 37

    Sex: male

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown & Blue Eyes

    Body Type: Avg/med build

    Ethnicity: Italian/Irish

    Occupation: Landscaper/Baseball Coach

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: No

    Favorite activities: Sports, movies, history, walks, cooking..anything fun pretty much

    Favorite movie: Caddyshack, Saving Private Ryan, Superbad, 300, Gettysburg, Fast Times At Ridgemont High

    Favorite color(s): Green

    Favorite Disney character(s): Captain Hook, Pluto, Stitch, Chip and Dale

    A little bit about yourself: I guess I would say i'm very outgoing with a good sense of humor. Very laid back at times, always looking for some great fun and conversation. Anything you like to know feel free to pm me. I'm practically an open book.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Sense of humor is a must. Some one outgoing who shares some of the same interest and values I share. If your outgoing that is always a plus. If you like sports, even better LOL[/COLOR]


    Jul 11, 2004
    First Name: Kristin

    Location: Columbus OH


    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown

    Body Type: Curvy, a work in progress


    Occupation: Lab Tech, part time student (until December!)

    Do you have any kids: My kitties are my kids right now, but no humans kids

    Do you have any pets: 4 cats

    Favorite activities: at the moment, I don't have much free time due to work and school, but I love movies, being outside, time with friends and family, laughing

    Favorite movie: any Disney :) and I'm not picking just 1!

    Favorite color(s): I'll take them all

    Favorite Disney character(s): Tink

    A little bit about yourself: I'm relatively a quiet person, very pensive, and love to laugh. I have been a vegetarian for 11 or 12 years (years start to blend together!) and have a deep passion for caring for animals. I have a bachelors in zoology, but decided against the veteriarian profession (I have good reasons). I work in a veterinary reference laboratory pretty much doing the same work a human med lab tech does, but need that certificate which I will finish in December. My four kitties are Shae, Kenai, Wendy and Lily all of which were rescued. I grew up on a small farm with plently of animals, so four cats sounds like a lot to most people, but I could use a puppy dog soon. My mom and I make it to Disney World every year (some years I'm not sure how) since 2004. There is nothing like a birthday in the world with your best friend!

    A little bit about your ideal match: Someone that makes me laugh and love, is respectful and respectable, attractive and intelligent.

  • tinkgirl26

    Mar 2, 2010
    First Name: Kathryn

    Location: FL

    Age: 26

    Sex: female

    Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Hazel

    Body Type: Avg/med build, very athletic

    Ethnicity: Scandanavian/polish

    Occupation: Lifeguard

    Do you have any kids: No, would love some someday ;)

    Do you have any pets: I have a dog but he now lives with my parents so i guess i have none right now!

    Favorite activities: Swimming, rollerblading, golfing...sports, being outdoors, reading, being creative etc.

    Favorite movie:Maid in Manhattan, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins and much more!!
    Favorite color(s): Orange

    Favorite Disney character(s): to love a girl with a little sass!

    A little bit about yourself: I am a friendly person who enjoys life!! I love being active and trying and doing new things. I am also a person who loves loves loves to travel. I just move to FL because i got a job @Disney world which has always wanted to work there!!

    A little bit about your ideal match: Someone who loves life, enjoys some of the same things i do, has a great smile and personality and isnt afraid to have fun!!


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    Feb 4, 2010
    Yea! Some sudden activity on the thread!

    I wish ya'll were coming to DisneyWorld this December - I am helping to organize a single/solo dismeet on Monday, December 6th (see this thread for details) - it's probably going to be a Wishes cruise or Illuminations dessert party - and it sure would be a neat way for all of us to *see* each other.

    I know that there are singles/solos on that thread that have not posted on this thread, and vice versa. In fact - all you men (and women) that live near WDW should make the effort to come out and join us for the cruise/dessert party the evening of December 6th. If you're interested, please post on the above thread using the link, or PM me so I can add you to the December single/solo google calendar. Yes, I am a geek like that and am keeping a running calendar of everyone single/solo who will be at WDW in December. Hush.

    DFD!!! COME!!!! :hug:


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    Feb 22, 2010
    First Name: Lauren

    Location: Clinton, NC

    Age: 24

    Sex: female

    Hair/Eye Color: brown/green

    Body Type: average I guess?

    Ethnicity: caucasian

    Occupation: Radiologic Technologist

    Do you have any kids: yes, a 2 year old girl

    Do you have any pets: nope

    Favorite activities: spending time with my princess, doing things with my family, Disney (duh!), and of course planning our September trip! :)

    Favorite movie: Sleeping Beauty, Harry Potter, Tyler Perry movies

    Favorite color(s): Pink

    Favorite Disney character(s): Tinkerbell

    A little bit about yourself: I enjoy time with my family, they are really the only ones you can ever count on in this life! My daughter means EVERYTHING to me and there is rarely a time you will see us apart. I am a single mother, and have been since she was born (her father (my ex-fiance of 4 years) left us when I was pregnant). I love to take her new places. I also love to shop and go bowling. What can I say, I am just a small town girl!

    A little bit about your ideal match: Someone who is honest, because I have trouble trusting people once they let me down one good time. Someone who could love my daughter as their own and can put up with us! lol


    Earning My Ears
    Feb 15, 2009
    First Name: Yolanda

    Location: North Carolina

    Age: 31

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Black/Brown

    Body Type: Full figured

    Ethnicity: African American

    Occupation: Tax Research Analyst

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: A dog (Halo)

    Favorite activities: Watching movies, traveling, casinos, beach, shopping, movies, cooking...

    Favorite movie: Too many to name. I love horror movies, 80s movies, comedies, romantic comedies, action movies, Disney movies.

    Favorite color(s): Carolina Blue, Sky Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): Ariel, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse

    A little bit about yourself: Shy at first, but I am very talkative. I love to just enjoy life and have fun. Traveling is my all time favorite thing to do. I love Disney of course and I really love going to Las Vegas. I would love to eventually travel to every state and continent. I listen to all kinds of music. I like going to hear local bands and going to concerts. I like watching tv, movies, and listening to my Podcasts. I have 2 tattoos (a dolphin and Scooby Doo). I love animals. Any thing else you would love to know just ask. I will add a pic, but for now message me.

    A little bit about your ideal match: My ideal match is a good person with a good heart. I love a good sense of humor. I would love someone that likes to enjoy life and have fun. Someone that likes to travel.


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    Jan 31, 2004
    Well if you all would move to Florida that would make it a lot easier for the men in the thread who live there ;) What's that, we should move? Hey, we're the ones living close to Disney World!
    :rotfl:When i went to visit a friend of mine in florida, I definitely thought about moving there..i loved it! But then again, love my job here in Jersey!