The official SINGLES SEEKING SINGLES dating thread- PROFILES ONLY!!!

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    Jul 9, 2002

    Dream about the area, lovely. Know Rouses Point (went to university in the Eastern Townships so crossed the border and road tripped the heck out of NY/VT/NH) and one of my good friends grew up in Noyan, QC. Know Chazy, where Milton is and of course Plattsburgh. Nothing like taking the ferry over the lake at sunset. Tons of wonderful memories.
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    I meant that when you ask someone where they live and they say Upstate NY, they could actually be just 3 miles north of NYC. We know what the real Upstate NY is. You don't get more upstate NY then Rouses Point. I had my first drink in a bar at the Bowling Alley on Rte 11. (I don't know if it is still there or not) When I was 18 (back in the dark ages) the drinking age in Vermont was 21 and NY was 18. That was almost 52 years ago. I was last in Rouses Point about 2 years ago, just driving through and it looks almost identical to what it did back then. Spent a lot of time in Quebec as well, in fact my wife was from just outside of Montreal in Dorval.
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    Feb 4, 2009
    Yikes! Do you know exactly how many cats you have?
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    Aug 2, 2012
    Any chance youre close to charlotte?
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    May 1, 2017
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    May 1, 2017
    I am not too familiar with these forums work. Trying to figure it out. I forgot to mention that my favorite thing to do in the parks is people watch. At MK I will get a Dole Whip and just take my time and observe all the different things I see. Example, women wearing heels. Lol at the end of the day they must be in pain. That is my way of having down time and resting, just simple people watching. I can be easily entertained.
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    May 15, 2018
    Hii all!

    First Name: jane

    Location: i travel around

    Age: 27

    Sex: female

    Hair/Eye Color: black / brown

    Body Type: average

    Ethnicity: asian

    Occupation: personal shopper

    Do you have any kids: nope

    Do you have any pets: 2 lovely pomeranians

    Favorite activities: travelling, jogging, eating desserts, sleeping

    Favorite movie: princess and the frog

    Favorite Disney character(s): ariel, tiana, cinderella, simba

    A little bit about yourself: i'm a globetrotter and i love meeting new people who share the same love for Disney and its magic :)

    A little bit about your ideal match: someone fun, loving, honest, smart, open-minded, and someone who doesn't only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

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    May 12, 2015
    First Name: Steve

    Location: Bergen County, NJ

    Age: 34

    Sex: M

    Hair/Eye Color: brown/hazel

    Body Type: average

    Ethnicity: white (Italian)

    Occupation: millwork

    Do you have any kids: no

    Do you have any pets: no

    Favorite activities: poker, sports, Disney (obviously)

    Favorite movie: History of the World Part 1

    Favorite color(s): green

    Favorite Disney character(s):Goofy

    A little bit about yourself: Just an average guy, I'll watch anything that involves sports, very close with my family, consider myself open minded and having a decent sense of humor. Of course we all love Disney I've been going since I was 5 months old so it's like a second home to me. Hopefully I can meet someone who enjoys the parks as much as I do.

    A little bit about your ideal match: It's hard describing an "ideal" match because you have to meet someone to know what they bring to the table and either you click or you don't. My only requirements are a sense of humor and a good person everything else you learn along the way.
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    Sep 19, 2017
    First Name: Jessica (I originally did one of these a while ago but figured I'd do a more current one)

    Location: Long Island, NY

    Age: 33

    Sex: F

    Hair/Eye Color: brown/hazel

    Body Type: few extra lbs

    Ethnicity: white

    Occupation: Billing/payroll for real estate company

    Do you have any kids: no

    Do you have any pets: 2 cats

    Favorite activities: watching my favorite sports teams, traveling, bowling, being on/near the water, hanging out with friends and family

    Favorite movie: Disney: Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Lady & the Tramp. Non-Disney: The Perks of being a Wallflower, Freedom Writers, Billy Madison, Wedding Crashers, Pitch Perfect

    Favorite color(s): Turquoise, Lavender

    Favorite Disney character(s): Simba, The tramp, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewy and Louie

    A little bit about yourself: I've been told that I'm witty, fun, caring, thoughtful, and intelligent by my friends and family so I'll take their word for it, lol. I'm a competitive bowler, and I love anything outdoorsy, animals, the NY Yankees and NY Giants, and of course anything Disney related

    A little bit about your ideal match: Someone laid back/easy going with a sense of humor and some common interests. Someone honest, loyal and thoughtful as well. These seem to be hard qualities to find these days though, lol...
  11. tydyend1

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Name: Tyler

    Location: South Bend, Indiana

    Age: 30


    Hair/Eye Color: Brown Hair, Blue/Green/Grey eyes

    Body Type: Muscular/Few extra

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: IT Customer Support and Cast Member at local Disney Store

    Do you have any kids: I have a 10 year old girl. She lives with her mom but she gets her Disney dose from me!

    Do you have any pets: No

    Favorite activities: Lifting, anything Disney or geek related, I really love doing pretty much anything, especially when its with the right people!

    Favorite movie: Pretty much anything Disney but if I've had to say. Tomorrowland, Star Wars, and well again anything geek related.

    Favorite color(s): Red

    Favorite Disney character(s): Mickey, Stitch, Captain Jack Sparrow (he's the one on my name tag).

    A little bit about yourself: I have lived in a lot of places. Originating in Toronto Canada moved to a few different places. Joined the Air Force moved a few more times but spending most of my time in Florida (in the pan handle, so close yet so far!). Disney has always been a part of my life it's a passion of mine. I have a wonderful little girl. I'm fun, caring, with a sense of humor that sometimes can get me in trouble. While adding more would be fun, I think it's best to leave something for other conversations!

    A little bit about your ideal match: Have romantic and friendship chemistry are my number one attributes I look for in a girl. Of course being a Disney fan is very much desired. I like a woman who is kind, fun to be around, confident, and of course enjoying nerdom is always a plus!

    I look forward to hearing from people and good luck finding your Prince or Princess!

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    Apr 3, 2014
    First Name: Jeff

    Location: Trafalgar, IN

    Age: 50

    Sex: M

    Hair/Eye Color: Grey, Grey

    Body Type: Athletic to Average

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Race Engineer

    Do you have any kids: 3 daughters / partial visitation

    Do you have any pets: 2 Dogs

    Favorite activities: Disney History, home improvement projects, exercise, music, movies, various geekish activities

    Favorite movie: WALL-E

    Favorite color(s): Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): WALL-E

    A little bit about yourself: I have been in the racing business for 25 years, mostly Indycars and Rallycross. I am quiet, easy going and a romantic. I am a very good listener and non judgemental. I have a quirky sense of humor.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Kind, Fun, Active and not afraid to act like a kid.

    I am also looking for a DLR park pal for 11/11 - 11/14 2018!
  13. cajunfan

    cajunfan Welcome to the DIS where wishes come true.

    Jun 25, 2003
    First Name: Lynn

    Location: Middle Tennessee (grew up in southern Louisiana)

    Age: 56

    Sex: I wish...oh, sorry, Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brownish-silverish, brown

    Body Type: Pooh sized (would love to be Jessica Rabbit sized, if I could still eat like I want, not exercise too much and and grow half a foot taller)

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Occupation: I'm a number cruncher full time (the mortgage paying job) and in retail part time (the fun job)

    Do you have any kids: 1 son who is now 24 years old

    Do you have any pets: 2 is in my avatar (an Anatolian Shep/great pyr mix) and one is a 40 lb jack russell/plott hound mix that rules the roost

    Favorite activities: talking about and visiting Walt Disney World, watching TV, reading light fluffy murder mysteries

    Favorite movie: Disney, Lion King; non disney: Love Actually

    Favorite color(s): Purple & Green

    Favorite Disney character(s): FIGMENT!!

    A little bit about yourself: My family comes first (even the dogs), I could talk to a brick wall (and may even be able to get it to talk back to me! :rolleyes1) but I really enjoy my alone time too. I am a typical middle child type person in that I am usually the peacemaker in "lively" situations. When asked if I am an indian aor a chief, I respond with depends on the situation.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Honest, a good sense of humor, kind and thoughtful...and loves Disney I figured is a given!
  14. Mel4306

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    Jun 11, 2018
    First Name: Melissa

    Location: Central CT

    Age: 30

    Sex: Female

    Hair/eye color: Brown with highlights, sometimes red, and brown

    Body Type: A few extra pounds

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Occupation: Depends on the day:P haha! To be more specific; I work in a restaurant, I serve, bartend, and I manage. I’m working to hopefully become a full-time manager.

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: Yes, 4 cats... I’m a little bit of a crazy cat lady. Although I have two Siamese, and I’m frequently caught singing “We are Siamese” :)

    Favorite activities: When I can find time I enjoy going for random rides which lead to a nice walk. I love summer time and wish I could enjoy it more!

    Favorite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas, hands down!

    Favorite color(s): Neon green

    Favorite Disney character(s): Jack Skellington (duh), Jasmine, Moana. Aw shucks, I love them all!

    A little bit about yourself: I’m painfully introverted, but long to get out there and see the world. I just now got my passport and its calling to me to see the world. Or heck, even just see the US. I haven’t been to Disney since I was real little, sad, I know! So it makes me feel like I’m not the greatest Disney fan at all. I’m working on it!

    A little bit about your ideal match: To be honest, I havne’t exactly thought about it that much! I do need someone that will stick by me when I have my bad days. And come on, who doesn’t have them? Communication is critical, as well as honesty and loyalty. I know Prince Charming is taken (Thank you Cinderella) but he has a brother out there somewhere, right?

    (Now if I can figure out how to get a picture posted I’ll be golden)
  15. Princess Melissa

    Princess Melissa Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow....

    Jun 10, 2018
    Name : Melissa
    Location : Coconut Creek, FL
    Age : 28
    Sex : Female
    Hair/Eye Color : Black/Hazel
    Body Type : Average
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Occupation : N/A
    Kids : No
    Pets : No
    Favorite Activities : Dancing, Singing, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Boating, Traveling, Skating, Swimming, & Bowling
    Favorite Movie(s) : Way Way Way Too Many To Post
    Favorite Color(s) : Blue
    Favorite Disney Character(s) : Moana, Ariel & Belle
    About Myself : 100% Diz crazed. I enjoy everything from the parks to the hotels. I love to also go to the beach, mall, movies, museums, car shows, sporting events and theme parks.
    Ideal Match : Got to love Disney as much as me lol. Someone who has a great personality and sense of humor.

    If you would like to chat feel free to drop me a message :-) Have a magical day/night!!!
  16. dutchscotsman

    dutchscotsman Experiment 626

    Mar 23, 2017
    re post update
    First Name: Gary

    Location: Scotland

    Age: 37

    Sex: M

    Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Blue

    Body Type: big shoulders

    Ethnicity: White Scottish

    Occupation: European Sales Manager

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: Bearded Dragon

    Favorite activities: Vacation planning, theme parking, gym, xbox studying languages
    Favorite movies: GoodFellas, Jurassic Park/world, leo and stitch, all disney films, arnie movies

    Favorite color(s): Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): one and only Stitch!!

    A little bit about yourself: I am a big travel nut. I'm from Scotland but now live in Netherlands and work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I have been to WDW maybe 10-12 times and love all things Disney. Big fan of the parks but also on the historical books and documentaries. Love my guy films like terminator and Jurassic world but still like nothing better than stitch or the muppets (animal rocks). Im a bit of a kids that wont grow up despite the job and stress lol.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Apart from Ariel....well someone with a similar love of disney and travel. Same sense of humor which is somewhat daft normally. If I could find a girl that love xbox then marriage is on the cards!! Someone around my age would be good that loves kids and acting like one.
  17. NyeAngel

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    Jun 16, 2018
    First Name: Nye

    Location: Orlando, FL

    Age: 28

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Looks black but isn't/Dark Brown

    Body Type: Chubby!

    Ethnicity: Caribbean descent.

    Occupation: TBD (only been here a month)

    Do you have any kids: Not yet. I would like to have children though.

    Do you have any pets: 2 cats and a fish tank.

    Favorite activities: Travelling, Theme parks, Movies, Beach, Reading, Writing.

    Favorite movie: Harry Potter series

    Favorite color(s): Turquoise, Blue, Green, Purple

    Favorite Disney character(s): Tiana, Mulan, Moana

    A little bit about yourself: Fresh from Fort Lauderdale. Always wanted to move to the Orlando area. I love the little towns around Orlando. I'm always at the theme parks and hotels were getting expensive. Plus gas and toll. Yikes! So I moved here last month and got an annual pass. LOL! Yes, others moved here for work and school but not me. No way. I moved here for the theme parks!

    A little bit about your ideal match: I am looking for two kinds of ideal matches actually.

    My first match is for a Disney BFF! Ideally my age range, female but doesn't have to be, loves theme parks, loves roller coasters, has an annual pass and has time to visit the parks on nights and weekends and whenever else we can wing it. Right now, I usually go solo. Which is fine but it's always nice to have a friend who enjoys theme parks as much as I do and can go often.

    It would be even nicer to date a man who enjoys theme parks too! So that's my second match. I'm all about Swirl Love so I like vanilla (Hmm..what does she mean by that?!!), he should like chocolate, be 24-40 yrs old, own a home or rent, drive his own vehicle, work a full time stable job, love cats, have endless patience for my mischievousness :), have a healthy sense of humor, is chivalrous, have good manners, is caring, kind considerate, respectful, confident,... blah blah!
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  18. accio

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    Aug 27, 2016
    First Name: Christine

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Age: 40

    Sex: F

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
    Body Type: On the chubby side of average :rotfl2:

    Ethnicity: Caucasian (Eurasian)

    Occupation: IT admin

    Do you have any kids: Thankfully none!

    Do you have any pets: Sadly, none (love horses though!)

    Favorite activities: Travelling/Cruising, watching sports (mainly baseball), Harry Potter, reading, the arts (symphony/ballet/musical theatre/visual arts), watching movies, attending comicons, listening to music, attending concerts.

    Favorite movie: Too many to mention, I love a mixture of films from classic drama/comedy to animation to sci-fi/fantasy to current drama/comedy.

    Favorite color(s): blue, green, purple

    Favorite Disney character(s): Mickey Mouse, Remy

    A little bit about yourself: I am a self-confessed dork. I like to travel/cruise solo (mainly with Royal Caribbean), and am a huge Disney fan. I've lived my entire life in Toronto and am a proud Canadian! My happy places are cruise ships, ballparks, coffee shops, and bookstores. I seem to be the oldest/oddest person in the room whenever I shop at the Disney Store :rotfl2:

    A little bit about your ideal match: Disney-crazed, kind, good listener and communicator, independent, honest, good sense of humour.
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  19. Queen of the WDW Scene

    Queen of the WDW Scene DIS Veteran

    Aug 24, 2016
    20180621_155113.jpg 20180621_155153.jpg First Name: Deanne (Dee-Ann). Most people call me Dee.

    Location: Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY area.

    Age: 32

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown (although currently my hair is black with purple highlights and I love it)

    Body Type: Average?

    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Native American

    Occupation: Babysitter

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: 1 Cat

    Favorite activities: Going to Disney World, traveling other places, sleeping, walking for exercise, shopping, going out to eat, going to the movies, swimming...

    Favorite movie: I'm very eclectic when it comes to movies/TV shows/Music so its hard to pick one favorite.
    Old classic probably Meet Me In St. Louis, old-ish Titanic/Armageddon/Air Force One, New-ish is a bit harder because I don't have any that I would watch over and over.
    Disney movies... The Little Mermaid/Beauty and The Beast/The Lion King.

    Favorite color(s): Purple and Pink

    Favorite Disney character(s): Mickey and Figment

    A little bit about yourself: I'm 5'6"/150lbs
    I have a small tight knit family. My dad owns a small vegetable farm.
    My parents took us to WDW almost every year growing up and I have grown to be very passionate about it.
    I've been lucky enough to be able to travel to other places as well but my heart always comes back to WDW.
    I have an Associates Degree but I have not actually used it.
    In the last couple of years I have been really focusing on my health and have dropped a significant amount of weight.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Gonna be real straight here... Man that is interested in marriage, wants to travel to Disney World and other places as well, lives semi close or is willing to move because I am very close with my family and could not imagine not seeing them daily.
    Someone that can laugh at themselves, likes going out but also likes staying in because I am a homebody.
    Ideal appearance would be someone a bit taller than me and maybe looks a bit rugged ;)
    Also I don't mind a few year age difference either way.
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  20. eimmi07

    eimmi07 Back in the cold state!

    Apr 18, 2008
    Updating since I moved

    First Name: Paul

    Location: Madison, Wisconsin

    Age: 28


    Hair/Eye Color: Dark Blonde, Blue

    Body Type: Average

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Assistant Manager for a retail chain

    Do you have any kids: No but I would like to have children someday.

    Do you have any pets: I personally do not, but my parents have two dogs.

    Favorite activities: Planning trips to Disney World, anything outdoors like hiking, fishing, etc. Watching and playing sports.

    Favorite movie(s): Disney: Lion King (first movie I saw in the theater) Non-Disney movie: The Blind Side

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): Baloo, Donald Duck, Wreck - it -Ralph

    A little bit about yourself: I am a very relaxed person and like to have fun. I like to laugh and be a little goofy once in a while. ( I have done two Disney College Programs in Disney World and I was a Disney World College Program Campus Representative at my College during my college years. I love to travel and looking for new places to travel. I just started Graduate school this month.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Someone who has a sense of humor and likes to have a good laugh once in a while. A person who is a Disney person who likes to go to Disney World (I try to go every year). Likes to travel and is a family person.
  21. ajlsjl

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    Aug 16, 2011
    First Name: Debbie

    Location: New Jersey

    Age: 37

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown

    Body Type: Average build

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Pharmacy technician/work-from-home sales

    Do you have any kids: no

    Do you have any pets: no, but I'm an avid dog lover (I had a dog growing up that was put to sleep; I'd love another dog, but working two jobs makes it hard to care for a dog)

    Favorite activities: Football (go Eagles!), reading (mainly biography), traveling, spending time with my 9-year-old niece and 7-year-old nephew

    Favorite movie: I'm not much of a movie person, but for sentimental reasons, I have to say Little Mermaid. It was the last movie I saw with my dad before he died.

    Favorite color(s): Green

    Favorite Disney character(s): Mickey (especially Steamboat Willie)

    A little bit about yourself: I've been a lifelong Disney fan. My first Disney trip was to Walt Disney World in the summer of 1983, just before my third birthday. I don't remember that trip, so I consider my first Disney trip to be in 1998 when I graduated high school. I was a Disney Vacation Club member from 2006-2014 (BWV), and sold after what I consider bad business decisions by Disney. Because I have a business degree, I am a little more opinionated about Corporate Disney than I probably should be. :) I recently discovered Disney Cruise Line, and I've fallen in love with it. I've been on two cruises (a 4-night on the Dream and a 7-night on the Fantasy), and am hoping to take my next one in two year's time.

    A little bit about your ideal match: My ideal match would be a man in his 30's-40's who has a love for Disney (obviously), and is family and career oriented. Must have a sense of humor, and enjoy traveling.

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