The Nightmare is Over


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Sep 30, 2000
Thank goodness......

4 days without the DIS. 4 whole days!!

I didn't think I'd make it, but I somehow survived.

I'd like to say I discovered a the joy of some wonderful new interest while the DIS was down, but no, I just sat at my computer and came here about 20 times a day, to check if it was back. :rolleyes:

I missed this place so much :D
Yay they are back!

At least I had the One Line Thread board which was established right before the DIS went down...
Where'd all the other posts go? :confused:

They were all there a minute ago, and now they're all gone. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Aaah, and my signature needs changing again.

I needed the DIS the past few days too because i had soooo much stress cuz of exams. Oh well! It's finally back! And Suzi- I came here 20 times a day too.:rolleyes:

it was nice to see some of you guys over on the UK boards, you should come over more often.

if these boards are ever down again, it's somewhere where you can get your "fix"

Our website is, sorry it isn't a link, but you get the idea
Yay!!! You don't understand.. I checked like 50 times a day- and I couldn't DIS since like last Friday- that's almost a week!!

I'm so excited!! :bounce:
Yay, I'm so glad the boards are finally back!

And Katie, I did the same thing. I checked like a million times a day about every 5 seconds to see if the boards were back up.

I was so happy when i came online and was informed that the dis was back online.
these were some very boring days...
I wnet a week! :eek:

my internet was down was down until tuesday and when i get back on no DIS! I was like OMG!

but i survived...hehe...dunno how!


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