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    I psoted this on the Just Say Thanks board but wanted to put it here too...

    I doubt the person I would like to thank will come across this but this is my best chance to find him/her. I lost my camera on Monday at Pop Century around 4:00. We had about an hour before the Magic Express bus was going to pick us up, just enough time for a quick dip in the pool for the boys and me. After changing in the bathroom in the Classic Hall we went out to the pool. After a half hour we got out and changed for the flight home. It was then that I discovered the camera was missing. After a quick scan of the areas I was in I went up to the front desk to find out that a guest or CM had found it and turned it in. Thank you to whoever did this kind act. I would have been broken hearted if I had lost all those memories.
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    This same thing happened to me this past Dec. at the WL. I left my camera bag haning on the back of the chair in Roaring Forks and I went into the "food side" to get rice krispie treats to bring back to some friends and noticed that I didnt have the camera. I went flying back to the other "table" side and it wasnt there. It had literally been a few mins. I couldnt believe it and was shaking and crying. It had my brand new $300 camera in it along with my DD's brand new $150 camera in it. Not to mention all 600 photos of our trip which cant be replaced. I went into full panic mode and tried telling the girl cleaning the tables who of course spoke no english. I ran back to the girl at the register and nothing behind it in the lost and found. They got the manager and he was taking my information down when my DH called my cell and said that a CM had turned it in at the front desk. What a relief. The CM was gone and we never got to thank him. I was so thankful for his honest because we had already had my MIL's leather cigarette case stolen as well as my Nephews Sports Team hat and my SIL's coffee carafe. Actually the carafe was mistakenly taken by mousekeeping but they never got it back either. I just counted my blessings that day. It was right before we left our resort for the airport too. Glad you got yours back. I never want to have that feeling in my gut again!!!!!!

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