thanks for the info


Earning My Ears
Mar 13, 2001
Because of the help on this board we have card games, Malarky, and Rubberneckers. Yesterday I bought a tv-vcr at Target. When you sign up for the credit card you get 10% off. We have books on tape and headphones for the tv and tape player. We leave Friday. With so much to keep us busy on the drive we may just drive right past Disney World. Not. Ages, 14, 34, 51, 57. See ya there!
Sounds like you got a good deal.

We are planning to look into one of those tv/vcr combos too. Course the twins are only 19 mths old and into Teletubbies. Hopefully when we take them to WDW when they are 3 they will be past that. DH will have a nervous breakdown if we listened to that all the way to WDW. :eek:

Since I live in VA also, feel free to come by and pick me up on the way to WDW. :D


"The Twins"



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