Thank you Tim at the Wave!

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    Jun 30, 2017
    On this last week we had nothing but awesome cast member interaction everywhere we turned however one stands out more than all the rest which was Tim at the Wave. I had to cancel our reservation for Ohana as there was just no way our group was going to be up and ready in time so I moved it to the Wave instead for it proximity to our room and I am so glad I did if for no other reason than having Tim as our server. He consistently went out of his way to make the meal and experience special for us, especially the kiddos and really honestly got the trip back on track after a rough evening the night before.

    In fact the meal and interaction was so great that we sent my parents and Aunt and Uncle there for lunch and they ended up in Tim's section as well where he once again made the experience one that we will always remember and one of the highlights of the trip.

    So thank you Tim, wherever you are out there, you literally saved the day and the trip in more ways than one with your energy and kindness and I can't thank you enough.
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    This sounds absolutely awesome!

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