TEVA fitting hints


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Aug 25, 2000
When you get the sandles,
open all the vecro straps,including the heal.

1. Now place your arch over the shoes arch. THEN,adjust the ankle strap[don't worry about the amount of velro showing thats the design feature of getting the correct fit]making sure you have flexed your toes as far as possible toward your knee,and the strap is comfortable,not pinching or too tight.

2.Adjust the Heel.This is the KEY to the sandles fit[and where the half size comes into play!] You want it to cup your heel live this < While still keeping your arch fitted correctly.

3.Look at your toes are they in the foot bed comfortably. If they are to close to the front edge you have over tighten the heel too much! If your toes are too far from the front edge,the you will need to tighten the heel. [don't fret about there being a lot of foot bed, when you get to walking you will notice that the sandle follows your foot]

4.NOW walk. You will feel where you need adjustments. Don't be scared to start all over,again. It took 3 trys to get mine adjusted.
5. Here is the BEUATY in the design. Say you woke up this mornging with swollen feet.[a probability after a day in MK!!] You just loose the tight strap!! say afer waking around you notice that your feet are back to normal,you just retight the straps!!

6.Any area that is rubbing you the wrong way can be made to fit better!! something you can't say about regular shoes,if the toes pinch you are out of luck!

What I loved about my Teva Sandles was wearing them home on the plane! My feet could swell and I was never uncomfortable because I could loosen the staps as far as was needed!!! :cool:


I just received my tevas today (ordered per the other posting). I was afraid they might be a tad small because I wear an 8 1/2 and I ordered an 8--size 9 is usually just too big.
I think with the heel strap adjustment, these are going to work out fine. Thanks for the headsup!


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I was hoping this would help!! I had to take mine to the store at the mall to get help fitting them!! THe heel is really the key!! ;)

I agree completely with Tink...the heel strap is the key! I have owned many pairs of Tevas and the worst mistake I made with one of the last pairs is I got a pair that did not have an adjustable heel strap! Make SURE yours does!!! :)

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My Teva sandals are the absolut best for the parks. I have had the same pair for about 3 years now and they are still in great shape. Enjoy!

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once again tink2dw - thanks for the great advise. just got my tevas and have worn all day. They are great!


OK, I got mine the other day (Circuits from the outlet store, great deal!) and I have been trying to do the adjustments. Are they supposed to be really tight with not too much air space, or looser so they flop a bit? The toe strap is bugging me, I am not used to that, I usually wear tennis shoes all day. They are nice and soft thou. DH says to wear those kind of sandals tight, any tips? Thanks!
I recieved my Teva's the other day too and I sent them back yesterday.

I tried to adjust and reajust the straps but it just was rubbing my baby toe wrong. They felt very comfortable everywhere else but I did not want to keep them hoping they would fit better once I wore them for awhile. I guess I have just heard or read somewhere if shoes are not comfortable when you first put them on you should not buy them...

So back to the company they went. I really liked the look of them I just wish they fit me better.
DS & I got ours a few days ago. He loved his right off! I, too, had a problem with my right baby toe rubbing as well as just plain hurting until I re-tried the strap adjustments! (Thanks to tink2dw!) Heel first, then straps. My Tevas don't have adjustable heel straps but, when I placed my heel where it was designed to be, the toes just fell in place! I very much like them and don't even feel "break-in" time is needed, although we're doing it anyway!

Thanks! :D
What style of Teva's do you guys find most comfortable? I have terrible feet and need a lot of cushioning, especially under my heel. (Previous foot surgery, ugh!) I am leaning toward getting the Circuits(walking sandal), but I saw on Dick's Sporting Goods site that the Pretty Rugged Leather's are on sale for only $44.99. The leather on both of these says waterproof. Does that mean you can drench it on Splash Mountain or whatever? By the way, for those of you with small feet (size 5, 6, 7) has the Circuit sandals for $39.93. Discontinued color, tan. They're normally $75. I got so excited when I saw it, but then saw the sizes available. Sigh..
I would definately choose the Circuits over the Pretty Ruggeds. I have both, and used them at WDW last summer. The Circuits were comfortable for much longer than the Pretty Ruggeds Leather. There is more padding in the heel (which I need)and all over. It also has more room in the foot.

While I still had problems after a 9 day stay, I lasted longer in the Teva Circuits than any other shoe, sandal or sneaker I have tried so far.

First, go to a local store and try on several styles, and you'll get an idea. Then search the internet for sales. I got my Tevas last year for $20 each on the site. But this year, they only sell one style of Tevas the last time I checked. Good Luck! :D

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I finally bought my Teva leather Circuits today. I had been looking at them on the internet, but really wanted to try them on first. I called about 10 stores before I found one that had the Circuit style (American Outfitters). They were on sale for $49.99, were normally $80. But, I usually were a 9, and the closest they had were 8's. They felt okay in the store so I got them, but now that I'm home and walking around the house in them, I'm finding that they really are too small. But, they are so cushy. Anyway, I called another American Outfitters store and they have 1 pair of 9's left. So, tomorrow I'm am driving 45 miles to pick them up. Let's just hope they didn't forget to put them on hold for me! I think I will like them when I get the proper size
Oops, "wear" not "were!" I can't type, spell, breath, and chew gum at the same time! :D
Your help in getting my new Teva Circuits adjusted saved my little toe! The plastic part of the toe strap was rubbing it pretty bad - now it fits great :-)

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