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    Scattered around these pueblos guests discover numerous icons which link together to make 4 separate trails, each representing aspects of desert life.
    Along the "Trail of Artefacts" guests discover a Saguaro cactus encased in a huge glass structure. The arms of the cactus are decorated with brightly coloured flowers but the shadows they cast are of human beings!!! [​IMG] and there is even a grounded flying saucer as in Roswell, New Mexico!. [​IMG] There is also a very brightly coloured reminder of the dangers of life in the desert [​IMG] and the wrecks of old cars abandoned along Route 66. [​IMG]
    The "Trail of Water" [​IMG]

    examines the importance of water in desert life. Beginning high on the tallest pueblo and cascading downwards. [​IMG] guests can follow its journey as it fills streams and fountains. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] .
    The “Trail of Monuments is symbolised by a bird (why?) [​IMG]
    and is supposed to be reminiscent of Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal Park in Utah. (It pays to have a good imagination here!!) [​IMG]

    Finally on the “Trail of Legends” symbolised by the White Bison [​IMG] a volcano (again – why??) [​IMG] and a golden building (representing the Gold Rush) [​IMG]
    remind guests of the legends of the Wild West.

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