Template for schedule


Mar 14, 2011

I was wondering if anyone can help- I wanted to do a schedule of events and transportation for my welcome bags. I have seen from some couples on here, the template that looks like the times guid from the park.

Can someone tell me where they found the template, or if I can use yours??

Thanks in advance!!


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Jul 30, 2009
I had the same question like forever ago. I could never find a template anywhere so I just decided to make my own. I got a times guide ffrom the parks, and with most of my other DIY projects went to powerpoint to see what I could come up with.

Pretty close huh?

We made 2 of them cause teal and purple are our wedding colors

The purple one is for our guests not in the wedding party and contains info for the ceremony, reception, times we are doing things together and park/dtd/other entertainment hours. It also has info on fastpass and photopass since some this will be some of our guests 1st visit to the world.

The teal one is for the wedding party and has most of the same info plus rehearsal times and pictue times. They will be printed on both sides so it will resemble the actual times guide.