Teens at AOA?

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    We are booked at AOA in August for 8 nights. We are a family of 5 with two teenage boys (15 &13) and a little girl (9). This will be our first time staying in a value suite. Are there things to do for the older kids at AOA? Ping pong anything like that? I know there is plenty to do for my little one. We are staying in the Cars section. We usually stay at a DVC but just couldn't swing it this year. Will I regret not being at a deluxe? TIA:)
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    They have activities around the pool and movies at night. My kids loved the pool. It has different music above and below water. I enjoy the walk around the resort and hourglass lake. There are signs along the way with bits of information. If they find that enjoyable they can walk over to POP and read their decade signs.

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