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Discussion in 'Tokyo Disneyland' started by gelatoni fan, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. gelatoni fan

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    Mar 18, 2018
    Is anyone here experienced with character greetings at TDR?

    I know that the Japanese site has published schedules ( but was wondering if someone can answer the following:

    1. Are there any characters in seasonal outfits for Easter or Tanabata (I will have one day in each park for both events in my upcoming trip)? Are there any 35th anniversary outfits?
    2. For the meet & greets, do you have to arrive at the stated time or get in line at the stated time? For example if the online schedule says the meet & greet ends at 21:00, in HKDL that means the line could cut at 20:00 but in DLR that means the line cuts at 21:00.
    3. Does Mickey appear in the same four outfits/backdrops/films in Toontown in Tokyo as in Anaheim (Through the Heart, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Steamboat Willie, Band Concert)?
    4. Does PhotoKeyCard work essentially the same as PhotoPass in other parks? How does it cost for access to digital photos or for a CD for a 4 day trip?
    5. Is there any place (either official or unofficial in English or Japanese) to look up who will be roaming on a given day? Technically, they're "fun surprises" but it's hard to decide if I should do another ride or head back to the park entrance if I don't know who I'll be seeing.
  2. Agent 86

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    Jul 31, 2013
    I can't help with most of your questions, except perhaps the last one.

    Once you're in the park, you can go to one of the information kiosks / carts and ask about the "roaming" characters. The cast member will usually have a decent grasp of English and should be able to tell you if a specific character will be roaming that day and, if so, when and where they'll appear.

    It can be a little "hit or miss" though. One time we were enquiring about Scrooge McDuck, but they got confused with Donald Duck and didn't seem to understand that Scrooge was a separate character. It might help to have photos of what characters you hope to see on your phone to show them.
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  3. MomoMama

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    Mar 28, 2013
    As far as I know...

    1. The main characters wear special outfits for the shows and parades. I would assume they wear the special 35th outfits as seen in the photos.
    2. No idea, but I have seen they form lines only for the popular characters like Mickey and Minnie, at Disney Sea entrance area. Others were roaming, no lines and you just have to get the characters attention.
    3. Don't know, but we saw him in the Sorcerer's outfit. And I have seen the pics of him wearing other outfits (not sure how old those pics were).
    4. It seems they now offer photo download option? The web says 500yen for 1 photo, 1500yen for up to 5 photos, 2500yen for up to 10 photos, and 4500yen for up to 30 photos. But the file sizes are smaller than what you get in the CDs.
    CD is 3600yen for up to 3 photos, 5660yen for up to 80 photos. I am not sure if they offer international shipping though, that was not available when we visited 2 years ago.
    5. I know some people post the info online, but I never searched. TDR likes to keep its "magic" and I like it that way too :)

    Enjoy your trip!
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  4. Nekotaro

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    May 12, 2018
    Hi, I hope this helps.

    1. Unfortunately no, they are not in seasonal outfits (Easter/Tanabata/35th)
    2. Guests have to be in line at the stated time as well as Hong Kong. e.g. If online schedule says it ends at 21:00, then line cuts earlier than that time.
    3. Yes 4 outfits, but slightly different from Anaheim. Please refer this site, see his hats.
    4. Yes it works as same as PhotoPass. As for download (approx. 1.7 million pixels), 500yen for 1 photo, 1500yen for 5, 2500yen for 10, and 4500yen for 30. As for photo CD (approx. 6 million pixels), 3600yen for up to 3, and 5660yen for up to 80.
    5. Sorry, I don't have any idea about schedule. This article well explains overall walkthrough.

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  5. gelatoni fan

    gelatoni fan Earning My Ears

    Mar 18, 2018
    Thanks so much for the info!
    If you hadn't written "see his hats" I totally would not have noticed the difference. I don't see any difference for Through the Mirror and Band Concert though so hopefully he'll be working on the other two films when I'm there.

    With some help from google translate, it seems that I should keep my eyes out for American Waterfront Mickey, Clarice and Marie. And make sure I don't think that Prince Eric is just some random Westerner.
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