T-7 days and impatiently waiting.

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  1. Disjunky

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    Jul 14, 2010
    Not sure if anyone reads these but i will be trying to do the daily updates with pics perhaps. I have to remember how to upload pics to a site and get them here. such a hard thing. well for anyone who loves reading these things (i am definately one of them) here is my itinerary which my DW keeps in stone, and i write on tissue paper.

    Me, DW, DS of 3, DGF, DGM
    2 bedroom suite at SSR. Booked to late to get our home at BLT. But who cares, its a room,

    Flight at 6:30am Sunday the 14th.
    Always get the earliest possible form NJ
    Arrive in orlando, pick up rental, head to hotel. SSR by 11????? i can dream
    MK by Noon on sunday. Probably head back and change if we cant get into a room when we arrive then dinner at Narcosees.
    Back to the room to crash im sure

    Monday i play golf with DGF at 7:30 at Lake Buena Vista, the others head for Bfast at Crystal palace and enjoy MK some more in am.
    Back to hotel to regrouop, possioble pool (hopefull nap for DS) and off to Epcot for some tastings and fun.
    Dinner at Artist Point later then back for more of that sleep thing.

    Tuesday Bfast at Hollywood and zVine for DS
    Enjoy the MGM stuff then back to the room.
    Cali grill at 5:30 ish so we can get to the MNSSHP.
    Eat way too much candy, get too much candy and back to the room for that sleep thing again

    Wednesday i have a second round of golf at Osprey Ridge, and the others have Bfast with Winnie and gang at 1800 Park Fare
    Think the ladies will take the morning off and go to pool or easy stuff like more MK for my DS.
    Meet and regroup at hotel, then back to Epcot
    Dinner at Chefs de France

    Thursday we are at Rainforrest early (i had tusker but we decided we would rather (my DGF decided) would rather order off menu)
    AK all day till DS passes out, lol and back to Hotel
    I believe we are eating at Fultons, but i have a feeling my DW changed that as we are all bored with it.

    Friday we leave and pack earlyOhana for Bfast and back to MK for the morning.
    Lunch at Liberty Tree
    Off to airport later for an evening flight

    Bare with me as i always say i will do a trip report i just never get to it.
    can you blame me, itts disney and we all enjoy our sleep. lol
  2. pwdebbie

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Hey, I'm here and I'll be expecting updates. 184 more days for us. I make our ADRs on the 17th. Did you look at the new Fulton menu? It looks a LOT different than before. (Then again, we only ate there once and decided it was overpriced with mediocre food. Maybe I just don't remember the menu.)

    I mentioned to your DFiL (not to be confused with DGF which actually means dear girl friend) about the Chase Lounge at Epcot. If you have a Chase card, any Chase card, you can go in for a break, recharge your electronics, have a drink, and if you are there early enough, you might snag a ticket for preferred viewing area for Illuminations.

    I hope you get to see a lot of the new Fantasyland. They had a "soft opening" there this morning and there are some great pics from it. Official opening isn't until Dec. 6 but maybe you will be in the right place at the right time and get a sneak peek.

    Enjoy your trip and remember that at least one person is looking forward to some updates. :goodvibes
  3. Disjunky

    Disjunky DVC pro vacationer

    Jul 14, 2010
    ThAnks Deb. Ill look into chase lounge. Hoping to see fantasy land stuff. Fingers crossed.

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