switching resorts - too many?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by tiggeriffic44, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. tiggeriffic44

    tiggeriffic44 Mouseketeer

    Mar 8, 2008
    Howdy all,

    In your experience, how many resort changes is too many?

    I am thinking about bouncing between WL, AKL, and Yacht/beach club.

    Details :
    Going dec 3-10th
    2 adults, +5yr old, + 1yr old
    2 inlaws staying elsewhere
    Celebrating 10th Anniversary + baby's first birthday

    Your thoughts are much appreciated!
  2. coolbeans

    coolbeans <font color=blue>What was that yellow bar?<br><fon

    Jun 9, 2004
    I am a one resort kinda gal, just bumping for you.
    With a little one, I would think it would be more trouble than it's worth to move around and have to re-situate everything. We are going in August and with luggage for me, DH, DD and DS, stroller and everything else I couldn't imagine packing up once let alone twice to change resorts.
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  4. Quicklabs

    Quicklabs DIS Veteran

    Dec 13, 2005
    It was kind of a big hassle and we just stayed in the same resort. My preference is to stay in the same place and enjoy every moment having fun rather than switching rooms.
  5. disneysuncat

    disneysuncat Putting the "cat" in meerkat!

    Sep 10, 2007
    I think for the length of your stay, you'd be wasting a lot of time switching around. If you did want to do just two of those choices, I'd pick between AKL/WL for one (deciding if it would be more fun for your 5 year old to be close to the animals, or have that boat launch to MK at WL) and keep Yacht/Beach for the proximity to Epcot and DHS. (plus, that area is just so nice.)
  6. pepe of ohio

    pepe of ohio DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2001
    My big question is, WHY? We agree with the above poster, switching for what, a different look, just a pain to us. We like to unload our stuff, arrange the room to our liking and just relax until the time to go home. It, the room, becomes our home, we stay 10-12 nights and get to know the resort very well and enjoy it. Living out of a bag to make switching easier, then doing it again and again is not worth the while. We're headed for trip 41 and have our resort nailed down to the WL, we have done the Poly, CR, Y&B and AKL and really have no care to return, either the prices are too high to our liking or the location is not what we prefer but we're MK people, love being on the lakes, using the boats, being close to FW, love the EWP and with the discounts we get at WL ,our stays are in the 10-12 night varieties, nothing beats location and longer stays.
  7. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl DIS Veteran

    Jun 9, 2004
    Unless you have already booked, I don't think Wilderness Lodge may even be an option. Several people have posted they couldn't book the Lodge during your dates. :confused3 The Wilderness Lodge is wonderful during the Holidays.

    Two resorts would be the most I would try and do. One resort would be the best.

    Good Luck
  8. justplaingoofy

    justplaingoofy DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 2005
    If you are looking at booking 7 days than I think 2 max.
    Now if you were going for 14+ then 3 would be okay :thumbsup2
  9. jacksmom

    jacksmom DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2002
    Hi! We do split stays alot! :rotfl: We are DVC members and often stay at a deluxe over weekends! But, I would not want to change resorts more than once a trip!:rotfl2: It is tiring having to pack up stuff and move it!:scared1:
  10. Perditamarie

    Perditamarie DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2006
    That much switching in such a short period will seem like work real quick. And if you are on the dining plan, that will really increase the price of your park tix, too. If the resorts are moving your luggage, it could take all day to get to the next resort, and that may not work w/your plans or your baby! I would pick one resort and relax. When we are switching, I always feel I can't relax until we move, because the stay feels so temporary.
  11. LuvTigger

    LuvTigger <font color=deeppink>Just wanted to add that I'm a

    Jul 3, 2000
    I've stayed at up to 3 resorts a trip, but I think for a one-week vacation, 2 is probably enough. That said, it's really a personal choice and if you're organized, it's not too much trouble. I do it for several reasons including cost savings (I start with a value or moderate then move up to a deluxe), as well as experiencing different resorts which I feel are attractions in themselves.

    I agree with the poster who suggested choosing WL or AKL. I love both resorts, but am slightly partial to WL.

    In terms of making things easy when moving, when leaving home, I put a suitcase within a suitcase, so I basically have an empty bag when I arrive in WDW. That empty bag is what I use to throw any souvenirs and laundry in when moving resorts. The night before the switch, I put as much stuff as I can into my luggage (again, because I have that empty bag, it really doesn't take that long -- I'm not overly concerned with it being packed neatly since it's just going for a little ride to the next resort). In the morning, I usually only have to pack my toiletries and sleeping clothes, then call bell services to transfer luggage, and I don't worry about it until after I return from the park.
  12. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 23, 1999
    We also love to do split stays. For the nay-sayers, please don't judge others by what you personally wouldn't care to do. :confused3 Different strokes. We loved it! :goodvibes It gave us something extra we really looked forward to. We can't do WDW vacations but every 3 or 4 years so it was a way of seeing and staying at more resorts quicker and we also couldn't afford the deluxes (usually) for the entire stay so that was another reason. With the exception of our last trip, we moved ou own luggage (which we had them do last time and thought it was the BEST) and it never wasted ANY of our day. We just left in the morning (didn't need to check out because we left a CC on file) and when we were done at the parks, we checked in and it was always easy. Never ahd any waits or trouble.

    Now, for your question on how many might be too many. We once stayed at 3 different resorts on one trip and I did think that was too much switching though it was a 11 day trip. Even for a longer trip, I woulnd't do that much switching. I limit it now to 2 resorts max. That trip though we had been given a complimenary upgrade to the concierge at the GF (which was our 2nd resort of that trip) and then we had to go on to a courtyard room at the WL. That was a real downer I'm sad to say. GF concierge was the BEST! And it didn't help that our WL room had an infectation of ghost ants. :(

    I say go for t ad try not to overload yourself ESPECIALLY w/ kids. When we did the 3 resort trip, we were w/o children. Now I wouldn't do it more than 1 time max. Have fun! :yay:
  13. yaksack

    yaksack DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2004
    This July we are going to do a split stay in the AKLV and the BCV.
  14. WDW~Lover

    WDW~Lover DIS Veteran

    Jan 6, 2008
    I agree with the 7 day max 2 resorts. I have done this to many times. I did go for a month once and did split it up with one week at Poly, BWI, YC, BC. so that was 1 a week. I think with the kids 3 is to much.
  15. mikkiwikki

    mikkiwikki DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2005
    Our UPcoming trip is a split stay between Pop Century and Polynesian.
    We are staying one week at Pop and one Week at poly.

    I've just read too many positive experiences - and would never had considered a split stay until reading many many trip reports that strongly support this "mode of vacationing".

    As far as me being a newbie with split stays - to date here is my score card:


    Cuts down on room costs
    Experience more resorts, quicker.

    Time out of vacay to transfer?

    Now - I will have to report "back" on the accuracy of these statements when I get back in November. :) However - I can't imagine doing more than one 'hop' a vacay.
  16. eeyoreiscool

    eeyoreiscool DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2005
    I think that 3 resorts over 7 days is a little too much. We like to pick one resort so that we can take the time to get settled and not worry about moving or waiting for our next room to get finished.
  17. Lynne M

    Lynne M Moderator Moderator

    Nov 4, 2001
    I don't think this has been mentioned....you may well be 'homeless' for the better part of two days during your trip. On your moving days, I'm assuming you'll be checking out early in the morning and heading to a theme park. The room at your next resort may not be ready until the late afternoon, so if you want to head back to the room to freshen up or put the little ones down for a nap, that may be a problem.

    I think doing two resorts on a 7 day trip would be reasonable. But 3.....with two little ones and all their stuff to pack and unpack, and potentially having no place to go and rest for two afternoons of the trip....I wouldn't do it.
  18. ReneeA

    ReneeA DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2000
    I totally agree. What if you check out of one resort in the morning, and you don't have a room available at the next one until 4? Technically, that is the check in time.

    Since you have children, I would worry about them needing to go back to the resort for some time and not having a room yet.

    7 days is just too short of a trip for that much moving around.
  19. Tinker*Shell*Bell

    Tinker*Shell*Bell DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2006
    We did a split stay with a 1 year old before. It was truly awful.

    We checked out at 9 am from the Contemporary and didn't get our Poly room until 4pm. We had a very hot, very tired baby and no place to put her for a nap. She is not a sleep in the stroller kind of child.

    (We were told our room would be ready in an hour, it was 7 hours before we got the room. 1 wasted day!!!)

    I would not recommend a split stay for anyone with young children.
  20. madalex

    madalex DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2004
    I have often done split stays in the past, but I would not switch among three resorts for a one week trip. I like to have at least 3 nights (and preferably more) in a resort before switching, so it would take at least a 9 night trip for me to even consider switching among three resorts.
  21. monorailsilver

    monorailsilver DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2002
    I have done a few times but as an adult/older teen.

    I liked it but I wouldn't do it with my kids or I would limit it to 2 resorts. That is alot of packing & moving with kids & all the stuff they require.

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