Jan 14, 2001
I've never been to this resort and have a few questions. Is the studio at the Swan nicer than a standard room? Do you get anything extra with this room? Does it have a balcony? Also, does anyone know what you need to prove your a state employee to get discounted rate? My husband works for a University in FL, but his ID doesn't say government on it anywhere.

Thanks for your help. :D
YOU will get an answer to this Question from the master fans of swan/dolphin over on the Disney Resort board.[ to get there just scoll down to the drop down list of boards,pick Disney Resorts, then click Go.]

The swan/dolphin cheerleader can answer most all of your Question!!!! Any they can't the poster swan/dolphin will!! Good-luck!


Sounds to me like a University of FL ID would be good for a government or a TEACH discount! (I could be wrong, but I'll bump this for the other S/D experts to read...)

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Your DH simply needs to bring university ID or paystub to prove that he qualifies for the discount which is the lowest of all discounts....
$129 per nite!!! ;)

The studio is larger, but more expensive and they do not have balconies!

Plus, sign up for a Starwood Preferred Guest program and you might get a upgrade to a balcony when you check-in!

The thread on the Resort board you need to checkout is here !!! S/D FAQ's on discounts, rates, rooms, etc.!!!

Hope this helps you!


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