Summer 2020


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Apr 13, 2011
We are planning for July 2020. We always have to plan way ahead because we are DVC and constantly reassessing our points and where/when to use them, etc. We want to do a really big trip in 2022 (my and DH's 50th birthdays, our 25th anniversary, DD1 graduating college, DD3 graduating HS - tons of things to celebrate!). So we want to use up our points in 2020 so that we can bank/use/borrow for 2022. I'm mildly bummed that we'll be skipping WDW in 2021 with all the 50th anniversary celebratory things that are expected to be happening, but maybe it'll be a year-long celebration. Anyway, that's for another thread! Our plan for July 2020 is Boardwalk Villas studio for a few nights, then move to a 2-BR for the last 4-5 nights. It'll be time to book it next month!


Apr 5, 2013
Anyone else hating the hurry up and wait????
Excited that we have room reservations but now the wait for airline prices and rental car prices as well as fast passes seems never ending.... keeping my fingers crossed for Disney villains at MK in June also and dont’ want to start touring plans since crowd calendars are subject to change after SWGE opening in august.


Aug 12, 2012
Hello everyone! I just booked our trip for June 25-July 5th 2020. We are staying at Copper Creek for 5 days then switching to Beach Club for the last 5. We are also planning a day trip to Sea World. We are also going to Universal after Disney for 5 days. We will be celebrating my son's high school graduation.

We have never been in June and we have never been on the 4th. Our tradition is to visit MK on the last day but I am concerned about the crowd level. Does anyone know if they will close MK if the crowds are too large?