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Aug 19, 1999
Ok, I just got this idea...

For people (like my sister) who are always wondering and asking what song they should download, I thought, hey, why don't I start a thread, where people can suggest a song that they like, and want other people to listen to!

Ok, so I have three songs that I really like right now:
  • Keep Fishing by Weezer
  • I'm no Superman, the theme for SRUBS
  • I'm so Excited by The Pointer Sisters ---I like this one b/c I'm excited about my cruise :)
I like when the stars go blue by the Coors i had never heard of it untill we had or family reunion and my cousin had it and he realy liked it so we listened to it and it was pretty good
My 3 songs for this particular moment are:

<b>You Had Time</b> by Ani DiFranco

<b>Stanley Climbfall</b>(new song) by Lifehouse

<b>Grey Street</b> by the Dave Matthews Band

...and a bonus track...

<b>All Along the Watchtower</b> by Jimi Hendrix.

Senorita- Puff Daddy (as in BEFORE P. Diddy)
Heaven- DJ Sammy
Gangsta Lovin- Eve
My daddys gone crazy- Eminem
Hey Ma- Cam'ron
All eyes on me- Monica

"Heaven Is a Place On Earth"
"I Get Weak"
"Leave a Light On"

all by Belinda Carlisle
I will survive (old but the best song!)-Gloria Gaynor
any song by Vanessa Carlton (esp Ordinary Day and Unsung)
any song by Hoobastank

I have many more if anyone wants them :) lets see

1. Hey Jude- Beetles
2. Call me- Blondie
3. We are not alone- Karly Devito
4. Come Sali away- Styx

old songs rock!
NE Our Lady Peace song (Lyin awake, Innocent, 4am, All For You)
Objection -- Shakira
the Call Remix -- BSB
Are these feel good songs, or just songs in general?

I LOVE "The Set Up (You Need This)" by Reel Big Fish
"The Best Deceptions" by Dashboard Confessional
"Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith
"Talk Dirty to Me" by Poision
"Lit Up" by Buckcherry
"Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel

Yeah, I'm a ska/punk/broadway/cheesy 80s hairband/rock/some pop type girl! lol my tastes are VERY diverse. I like almost anything.
LOOOOONG LIST!! But here it is anyways...

*Epiphany- Staind
*Black- Pearl Jam
*In The End- Linkin Park
*Crash- Dave Matthews Band
*Thank You- Dido
*I Feel So- Boxcar Racer
*Open Arms- Journey
*Sk8ter Boi- Avril Lavigne
*Wonderwall- Oasis
*A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
*The Space Between- Dave Matthews Band
*Hailie's Song- Eminem
*Krwlng- Remixed by Mike Shinoda ft. Aaron Lewis
*Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja- Lostprophets
*Closer- Nine Inch Nails
*First Date- Blink 182
*What We're All About- Sum 41
*High Voltage (Remix)- Linkin Park
Oh true, I forgot "Halies Song". Even if you don't like Eminem, you've gotta check it out. It's so cute, it's all about his daughter.

"Sometimes I think I'm crazy, I'm crazy oh so crazy, why am I here am I just wasting my time? But then I see my baby, so Halie I'm not crazy, it all makes sense when I look into her eyes. Sometimes I feel like the worlds almost over, everyones leaning on me. Cuz sometimes it feels like the worlds almost over, but then she comes back to me"

could've gotten the words wrong, if i did, oops!

Name a type of music and I'll give you a song you prob. haven't heard before that rocks. ;)
Kimmi!! .. I LOOOOOOVE Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja- Lostprophets! LOL - I dl'ed it a few months ago, and no one has heard of it.

Mmm, I have a few songs I could suggest .. LOL, but I'll do it laters :)

Devil with The Black Dress on- Jack Off Jill

Anything by Kittie and Pearl Jam

One of a kind- Breaking Point

Across the Nation- Union Underground

Come Original- 311

Pretty Fly for a White Guy- The Offsprings

Bodies- Drowning Pool

Hope I helped

Yay! Good thread. I always need music to download. Here are some of mine though:

<I> No Such Thing </I> by <B> John Mayer</B>
<I> Hero </I> by <B> Chad Kroeger</B>
<I> 3am, The Rainmaker, and The Last Beautiful Girl </I> by <B> Matchbox 20</B>
<I> Dude Looks Like a Lady</I> by <B> Aerosmith</B>
<I> One Last Breath </I> by <B> Creed</B>


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