Strollers and buses...?


Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2001
Do you take them on board with you or can you store them below (like in a cargo thing). Trying to decide what stroller to buy...


Umbrella stroller, definitely the quickest to fold and easiest to tote when not in use. Drawback.. you cant store too much stuff in/on them, only your child.

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Make sure you get one with a canopy to keep the sun off. It gets awfully hot down there. I understand that Graco makes a fairly inexpensive one that also has a pretty good sized cargo basket.

We were is WDW in January with DD's ages 3 and 1. We brought our double stroller from home. It was a little akward on the buses, but we found that it was really necessary to have in getting from hotel/parks to transportation and were glad that we didn't go the rental route.

The buses were not overly crowded at the times we rode them-- first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon and drivers and other passengers were very patient and accomodating with us getting the two kids and the stroller on. Best place to sit--side seats by the back door.

Good Luck.
I can't believe they don't have storage for them...oversight huh? Looks like maybe we'll get a new one umbrella is terrible (hate to even push it through Sears) and the jogger is definetly OUT! Thanks again!

Our trip last year we didn't take a stroller, as we new we could rent them. I don't like paying $12-$13 a day for a double stroller or two singles. This year we brought our own, BIG, SUV as I like to call it. Monorail was the only way to travel for us. The busses were bad, but only when it was really crowded, after Fantasmc!

I can't imagine having to carry either of my sons, 2 and 4, at the end of the day. I was beat. That's what I get for taking a red eye flight, but that's another story.

Remember that you will have to move from those side seats if a guest with a wheelchair needs to be loaded. That is where the tiedowns are located. Also as a courtesy, please
move to the aisle and away from the area on the buses where there is no divider between the 2 wheelchair areas. I make it so much easier to get the power wheelchairs and ECVs situated if you don't have to worry about hitting someone in the process.

Pooh Bear
We just returned. We brought a bigger one for our 10 month old, and an umbrella one for our 4 yr old ( sometimes the 7 yr old!). My husband would stand by the handicapped back door and as I entered I would ask the driver to open it so he could get in at the back and avoid bumping everyone with it. Most drivers would do this. Of course we would wait until any disabled travelers were loaded first. Also tie something that stands out on the handle of your stroller. It helps when spotting it in a sea of strollers!


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