Stroller Dilemma


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Jul 4, 2000
We are going to WDW in oct for 3 nights, staying at the poly. We arrrving on the 20th and attending MNSSHP that night. This is our only park day. We are going to relax, swim and enjoy our lil getaway.

My dilemma, dd is 4, ds is 1. I am trying to decide on what stroller to bring.

I could bring my double (dd will want to ride the night of MNSSHP)
but it will be a pain for everything else we are doing. or I can bring my single (for Ds) and umbrella (for dd) or just bring my single and rent a double the night of the party.

Anybody else ever faced with this? What would you do?
I'd say take the one and rent the double. My dh wants to go light this time so we are going to rent the whole time :eek:
I'm just a little worried! At least with the one if your 4 year old gets tired you could carry the 1 year old for awhile and let her ride. I think you're right bringing a double everywhere would be a pain.
Does your double stroller have baskets under it? If it does, I would probably bring the double for storage purposes. If not, I would probably take the umbrella, and rent one.:jester: :jester: :jester:
We are going in two weeks, driving from WI. I have a 3 yr. old and 7mos old. We use a double stroller. Instead of packing it in the van I'm renting one from A Baby's Best Friend. They will deliver to the resort and pick it up. I talked to the lady and gentleman that run it and they said all items are thoroughly cleaned before being re-rented.

I can't wait to see how it works.
I think I will leave the double and the umbrella stroller at home.

I will bring my single, it is very compact and has cup holders and a tray ds can use. Also, a nice basket for storage. We can rent one for one night.

I have way to many strollers. I even have a sit n stand. LOL

Strollers are like handbags. LOL

Thanks everyone


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