Stores on Hwy. 417


Earning My Ears
Jul 12, 2000
Can anyone reccommend any stores to stop at on Hwy. 417 coming from the airport?? And what exit they are off of??

We need to pick up a few things and didn't want to go out of our way. Also, any restaraunt reccommendations on 417 are appreciated.

TIA for your help!
me thinks 417 is an express toll way from the airport to disney world....near the end where it ties into 535 and 536 there are some restaurants etc....

535 and 192 has a publix shopping center (just a ways down from the intersection of 535/536....536 goes past MOWC towards epcot/OKW etc
The Orange Blossom Trail exit (north on Orange Blossome Trail) has a nice supermarket shopping mall. It's about a mile north on Orange Blossom Trail on 417.

Also, the John Young Parkway exit on 417 (south on John Young Parkway) there is another shopping area. 2 supermarkets are located there including a Kmart. It's about a mile south on John Young Parkway.

Your best bets for sit down restaurants is at 535 or 192 near Disney. For fast food restaurants, the above mentioned areas (John Young Parkway and Ornage Blossome Trail) have a few.


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