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Mar 23, 2000
Remembering Tinkerbell2300 who left this earth to sprinkle her pixie dust thru the heavens 16 years ago.

Stephanie was quite active on the collectors board, community board and in the chats even though she was so sick. I remember her being so excited when she got the call that she needed to come here to Pittsburgh for her transplant. I made sure since I live in the sub of Pgh that they had my phone number to contact me for ANY needs that they would have while here . I remember how proud I was that the "Dis " family rallied around her and her family even though many didn't even know her beside her postings and chats on the board.

If you were here, on the DIS back then, you saw something that really meant a lot to those who were here. It showed we really are OHANA here on the DIS.

I hope you don't mind but I am going to repeat my post from a year after her really shows how much this extended family cared for one another

from my post for the first anniversary of Stephanie's posting June 30th 2001

I sit here thinking has it been a year tonight ...since we lost our sister Tinkerbell2300. At this time last year I was sitting in the family waiting room of the ICU with tink's grandma, grandpap, mom, dad , sister, brother and husband Jimmy..

.I remember that night so so well, I think it was the hardest post I have ever put on the DIS. board.

I knew her time was limited when I was at the hospital that night with her family, Oh how they were praying for a miracle that night., and I was thinking the entire ride home from the hospital how I was going to put the sad news on the board that she had passed...I was also praying for a miracle that she would once again overcome a hurdle in her recovery with the latest set back. But deep down in my heart I knew I was going to have to make that final post before the night was over. I wasn't home much more than 15 minutes when the phone call came from family/friends at the hospital just a bit passed midnight.

. So many people , her DIS family , had shared their prayers, supported her thru her decision to have the transplant done. Oh what a strong young woman she was. ( I only wish I could have 1/2 the strength she did ) The DIS family supported her family also thru contributions to help defray the cost at the hospital family house. I can remember the managers of the house saying they had never had so many contributions come in for one family's expenses before and were amazed that most didn't even ever meet Steph or her family in person that it was from an "internet family" .

DIS'ers also sent phone cards, in get well cards so her family could stay in touch with family and friends in KY. while they were here in Pgh. . The hospital mail room folks even had to come up to the ICU to see who it was that was getting all the mail

. Jimmy , Steph's husband and her parents were so excited to finally meet me since I was the go between the DIS family and her family. I don't know why I decided to go to the hospital that night. but deep in my heart and mind I knew I had to go

...I had been sending copies of the posts on the board to the hospital via snail mail which they read to Steph all the time. I had talked to them almost daily on the phone for updates. but felt even though invited to go down that I would wait till after her recovery from surg. was a bit longer so that she could enjoy the visit more , BUT that evening I just had the feeling I had to go to the hospital .

I went about 7pm ....and was immediately showered with hugs and stories of Stephanie and her love for Disney. Her dad had promised to take her back as soon as she recovered enough.

They insisted I go into her ICU room to meet Tink...I don't think she was aware that I was there , but they introduced me to her and talked to her about who I was and all the things we ( the Dis family ) had done for her and the family while she was in the hospital .

We spent Stephanie's last hours on this earth reading her the many pages of posts sent to her via this wonderful board that evening as I was standing by her bedside at the hospital , listening to the loving encouraging words her husband Jimmy and her mom and dad were saying to her. I knew in my mind that the monitors weren't showing such a positive outlook ( being a nurse is tough sometimes) but the hope and dreams that her family held, telling her that as soon as she could travel her Dad was taking her on that trip they talked about also praying for a miracle for them... I knew leaving that night that within a few short hours if that I would get the dreaded phone call,the one we all were all praying that would never have to be made, I made it home from the hospital at midnight and 15 minutes later my phone rang ..... the dreaded call , and then making the hardest post i had ever done on the forum.....

She was such a young girl, had suffered through so much in her short life time.. taking this last step a transplant to give her a chance to grow old with her loving husband.

I only wish I could have had the opportunity to meet her prior to that night. she will always be remembered in our hearts. but I know in my heart Stephanie is still with us, and is smiling down upon us , spreading her magical pixie dust , only in a different way....

WE MISS YOU STEPH....but you will always remain in our hearts and minds... Until we meet again... Faith .....Trust and Pixie Dust..
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Apr 20, 2000


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