St Martin,St Thomas,Castaway Cay

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Hi all,
    Tuesday 7th May:
    Arrived at St Marten early a.m. Had a great buffet breakfast in Parrot Cay all the uasual fare with eggs prepared by the chef to order.Then we met up in Rockin bar d for our excursion to the "French Rivera Beach" Left the ship about 10am and walked to the waiting buses then set off through the Dutch side of the island and across the "border" to the French side.Got to the beach about 10:30.View was stunning with clear blue water and hills all around.Lunch was served between noon and 1:30pm and was a choice of chicken,fish,or ribs all freshly barebecued very tasty.Left the beach about 2:30pm and got dropped of in the town and did some shopping.Then took a water taxi back to the ship ready for Dinner.
    Good points:
    Beautiful clear water and great scenary,good food,good tour staff.Excellent shopping although
    you must haggle, unbelievable prices on electronics cameras and jewelery.

    Bad points:
    Having to pay $3 for a beach umbrella or the guy would take it down(trip cost $45 dollars each!!)Constanly pestered to buy trinkets or get my hair braided!!Trip was too expensive if you want to go to a beach get a taxi and pay yourself.

    Overall loved the island great laid back attitude and typical carribean attitude.

    Arrived at St Thomas about 7am and straight to Rockin' bar d to go through imigration has we had landed back in the USA.Of the ship about 10:30 and on to an open sided taxi/bus and a short journey to the Saphire Beach Resort and this was a real nice resort complex and a variety of watersports was available for a small charge.Again stunning scenary and clear water.Lunch was served 11:30 to 12:30 and was a cold buffet,very tasty.Left the beach about 1:30pm and the driver said he would take the "scenic"route back.Now as you may have gathered we are not rollercoaster fans,sadly someone forgot to tell the driver this!!The speed we went up and down the hills and round the corners would make Kraken seem tame!!
    Anyhow we arrived back into town safely and had a quick look round the shops before re-boarding the ship.
    Left the port about 5pm to three blasts of "when you wish upon a star" from the Magics horn.

    Day at sea,lazy day round the pool even played bingo but didn't win.Went on a "behind the scenes" tour of the galley which was really interesting.

    Arrived at Castaway Cay about 9:15am left the ship about 10am and after loads of photos with the characters went on a tram to Sereninity Bay.If this isn't paradise it's the next best thing,clear blue shallow water and no kids!!!!!Had a bbq lunch a bit more relaxation the got the tram back to the shops and then on to the Ship.Loads of different water sports are available for the more sporty types and these can all be booked in advance.
    We left Castaway Cay at 5pm and some CM's wearing Mickey hands waved us off to the faimilar tune from the ships horn.

    Well got to go now to pack our cases have to be up for a 6am appt. with imigration tommorow
    expect to back at the Boardwalk by 10am.

    Mick + The Dragon

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    Thanks for doing these 'live' reports :)

    I love the idea of the ship's horn playing a tune out of port!
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    Oct 9, 1999
    Great reports :D

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    Feb 28, 2002
    Seems wonderful. I get awfully seasick so I have never fancied the cruise, but reading this report and I'm not sure now. Carolyn

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