SSR boat dock


DIS Veteran
Jul 12, 2002
After reading that the OKW boat will become bigger and travel to SSR before DTD, I like the idea of the boat doing this route as we can visit SSR and pick up food from Artist's Palette!!! It will be a shame to never experience the plush pontoon boat, though. I saw it once at the DTD dock while waiting for the boat to POR and thought "That looks nice, I wonder who gets to ride in it?" And the answer is "Not me"!!!! But I digress...... ;)

Do we know yet where the boat will dock at SSR? Now please understand that I have no real knowledge of what used to be the Institute, apart from one brief visit, and that I'm basing my question on an old map which shows two docks, one of which is near to what was the Welcome Center, while the other is further in on Willow Lake (I think it's called). The first seems to make more sense if the boat travels from OKW to SSR to DTD as it's more central for that boat ride, while the second seems more central to the SSR resort as a whole. Or will they choose/have they chosen somewhere completely different?!

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