Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom


Aug 23, 1999
Actually I would recommend using a standard size binder that holds the 9 card trading card pages, because the 9-card trading card pages are much more ideal for displaying your cards (casting your spells), either flashing 3 at a time, 6 or the whole page...just leave the cards in the page.
I was told on Thursday by one of the CMs running the game in Liberty Square that you can use up to 7 cards at once and if you put a crest (back of each card) up next to a card it could boost it up to it's maximum power. So a 9-card page of cards and crests could wield quite a punch if configured correctly. Now whether she meant 7 total cards including crests or she meant 7 card fronts, I don't know (she threw the crest boost thing at me right at the end of our conversation).
Furthermore, with the 9-card trading card pages, you can leave the notebook back at the room, load up your duplicates in one page (up to 18), bring a list of what you need, then load up another page or 2 with your pre-planned attacks...note, if you have a lot of duplicates, concentrate on bringing your star cards 1-22, so you can trade them for the rarer star cards that you probably need.
The 9-card trading card pages fold up 1,2,3 and fit into your shirt pocket (hanging out but in securely)...and if you fold the top down 1st, then the bottom over it, the top card can't fall out...


Earning My Ears
Jul 29, 2007
I am not sure if this is known or unknown, but in adventureland, there is a place where you are able to trade cards and there is also a website where people get together and trade cards online. It isn't anywhere near the actual experience of using the cards in MK, but it is still so much fun.


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