Sooo, my company declared bankruptcy last week


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Sep 13, 2019
The company I work for, well, worked for, declared bankruptcy last Monday. Rumors were swirling the weekend before that it was going to happen but I think a lot of us were trying to remain hopeful that something would happen to keep our doors open.

Sadly, around 12:45 Monday morning, a message went out to everyone that the company had declared bankruptcy and we would cease operations effective immediately.

We are the largest trucking company to ever declare bankruptcy. 3300 drivers were suddenly out of work, not to mention all of the office staff and mechanics.

I was directed to turn my truck in to our company terminal in Indianapolis. From there, they could provide me with a bus ticket home or I could find my own way home at my expense.

So there I was, after almost 9 years with this company, packing everything I had in the truck into a rental minivan to head home to Florida and basically start all over again and find another job.

It's really emotional to talk about because I had invested so much into this company and had been there such a long time. All because the actions of a few executives who are now facing federal charges.

I cried a lot that Monday. Saying goodbye to people I worked with for years, knowing we would all be going our separate ways. I also cried because of how emotionally invested I was with this company and all the familiar sights of our main office that I'll never see again. And I also cried thinking about our company's president and founder, who passed away several years ago, and how everything he created and built is now gone.

Fortunately, for me anyway, finding another job was not difficult. I had offers pouring in Monday but I wanted to take some time to research before accepting the first offer. I do have one confirmed and one I'm waiting to hear back from. I figured with how bad the roads and weather are right now, I would take some time off until January to be with family. Both job offers are completely fine with my decision and are looking forward to seeing me in a few weeks. Both job choices will be more money than what I was making and they're both looking forward to having me as a driver.

This will be my first time home for Christmas in several years, so my family (mom, especially) is looking forward to that.

I just haven't really had many people to talk to about how hard this company bankruptcy affected me because I've never been through something like this before, so thank you for reading. :)


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Feb 22, 2015
Sorry the change was abrupt and not your choice (and due to a bankruptcy). As pp mentioned- the plus side is that you have a holiday at home. Plus, you have a raise. Maybe the new place will be better. The people, I get that you will miss them.
  • jo-jo

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    Feb 28, 2011
    In nice that you'll be home and that you have job offers already waiting, but I understand losing your job in such a way is like pulling a chair out from under you. What seemed stable is completely gone.

    Enjoy Christmas, take a little time to recharge to get ready for the next adventure.


    Aug 3, 2004
    I’m glad you have another (also better financially) job lined up for you . Also very glad you’ll be home with your loved ones for the holidays.
    it hurts to hear what you went through last week, that seems like a horrible way to have to lose your job, not that there is a good one.
    i hope you enjoy the people around your tree, blessings on your new job after.
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    Nov 12, 2006
    I have been through it twice. One company just shut down, out of business, and one bankruptcy. Both times I ended up somewhere better. I hope you enjoy your new adventure!


    Don't follow me, I'm lost too
    Sep 13, 2019
    Just to update: I started the new job last week and so far it's going well. Biggest hurdle is just learning this company's ways of doing things and getting back into a routine. Once the paychecks start rolling in, I can pay off my last vacation and think about the next one.
  • caracarn

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    Dec 4, 2001
    I work in the transportation industry, so understand your situation perhaps a bit better than most. Glad you have started a new job and can begin getting to your new normal.


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