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Goofy Dad

Mar 7, 2000
We're going to the World in April with a nine-person group: me, DW, DS, DM, DSis, DN, DBiL, DSil & baby DN. One day DM & DSis are taking DS for the day so DW and I can have a day to ourselves. (Yay, Mom!) Then, still with DS, they are also taking the baby for the evening so we can go as two grown-up couples out to a nice dinner (it currently looks like V&A).

We would like to do something nice for Mom and Kathi after doing all these nice things for us. They're not the Disney nuts of the family; and are mostly looking to spend mega-quality time with the kids. At the same time, this is going over and above the call of duty.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Perhaps you could have a gift basket delivered while you are there. It could be filled with snacks and beverages your mom likes or perhaps a basket of essentials for the entire trip (sunblock, lotion, #1 Grandma t-shirt, disney dollars, etc.) You wouldn't have to have it done by a professional - you could assemble it yourself since you know best what she would like. Another idea would be to pay for a character dinner perhaps that your sister and mom could take the kids to. That would be a great time for all - even a baby from what I've read on other posts. If your mother is volunteering to do this for you then my guess is she will love any kind of gesture you make to show her your appreciation.
I believe that there is a spa at the GF. Perhaps a little pampering would be a nice gift- a massage or a manicure. Another idea is one of the behind the scenes tour.
Thanks to you both for the suggestions, I am passing them on to my DW.

I had thought of the spa, but my wife doesn't think her Mom and her sister would enjoy that, and plus that would take them away from the kids too long. They have both expressed that they are going to spend time with our son and my SIL son, so they don't want to do things that they won't enjoy.

My DMiL went with us once before, and I know that the thing she is most looking forward to is watching the two boys. She has been planning this trip for 3 years now, just waiting for my SiL's son to be old enough.

We just want some way to say Thank You that will let her know how much we appreciate the time to just relax as adults, and I think the ideas above are all worth considering. My DW also posted the same question on the Passporter board and someone mentioned a portrait of the boys which is also a great idea.

Thanks again...
How about a suprise character meal for everyone?
My mother and MIL went with me once and they both really enjoyed dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. They liked the character interaction with the kids and the food. It was more relaxing than a buffet because you weren't missing the characters to go up for food.
We are planning on going to Crystal Palace for lunch one day, and Mom really wants to go to the Rainforest Cafe. But there's no way she will let us "treat" and you don't pay ahead for these.

Our latest thought is to do a family portrait or possibly look into the drawings/paintings, I think they did them in France at Epcot, and also in Liberty Square at MK. Anyone ever done this? Any idea of what it would cost?

We are also thinking strongly about the Gift Basket idea in addition to the family portrait/painting.

Thanks again for everyone's advice, we really appreciate the input.
The last time my parents went with us, I made a scrapebook when we got home of pictures of them and the kids. As we went around I made a point of catching grandma and grandpa and the kids on film and collected little things to include.(quotes, maps, napkins, ticket stubs, etc.) She loved it! Each of the kids then wrote or dictated why it was special that grandma and grandpa were there, we included the letters at the front of the album. This turned out very special, she gets it out often.:D
Studio M in Downtown Disney takes pix of you with Mickey Mouse. Maybe you can get a picture of your mom with the kids. They have all different size packages available (cheapest is about $20). The pix come out in minutes annd you get a private audience with Mickey so you don't have to wait at the parks. Might be a nice keepsake for Mom (maybe matching WDW shirts for the picture as an extra souvenir?). They also let you take your own pictures and video after they take the picture. Good luck.


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