Some More Wilderness Lodge Questions

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by aprilbabes, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. aprilbabes

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    Mar 10, 2012
    A little anxious about my stay after my wonderful experience at poly last year so just looking to put my mind at ease...

    Are all standard room views looking over loading docks, dumpsters, parking lots, etc?

    Can you see the electric water pageant and wishes fireworks from beach at night? I jut read somewhere that you really can't See any see wishes because of all of the trees.

    How muc travel time should I build in to get to MK, Poly, contemporary, epcot & AK? We have early Minton ADRs at all of those places but I'm thinking I may not have built in enough travel time.

    Do they sometimes offer complimentary room view upgrades- like a woods view?
    Not sure how important that is but if there's a chance they offer it then I don't want to pay for it ahead of time.

  2. SuperDuperBounce

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    Feb 28, 2004
    Allow at least 20 minutes from the time the boat leaves the dock to MK. 10 minutes to the Contemporary. 20 is probably true to Epcot and Studies once the bus leaves. 30 minutes to AK. Don't forget to factor in time to walk to the restaurant.

    No on seeing Wishes from the WL beach and Water Pageant.

    We stayed in March once with standard view and got upgraded to woods view. We were able to see the castle through the trees. Just be nice to your check-in CM and don't be afraid to ask. Chit-chat can go a long way. If you really want a woods view, book it to be sure.

    Yes on the standard views.
  3. stargazertechie

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    Jun 17, 2009
    I watched the water pageant every night from the hot tub at WL- it's a great place to enjoy it from!
  4. pepe of ohio

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    Jul 5, 2001
    We're big fans of WL, don't let other posts worry you..

    Bus travel from WL is different than from the Poly, it's just down the street and you pass it on occasions ... Like others said allow 20 + minutes plus the wait time at the bus stop ( if the bus you wanted just pulled out, 20 minutes till next one) but that's about the same logic as the other resorts..

    Fireworks, I don't know where some people get their info, between the trees and CR blocking the view, not much can be seen of fireworks except the very high ones.... Electric Water Pageant can be easily seen from the beach and rental boat dock each evening... Along with the marshmallow roast and nightly movie on the beach... Pop some pop corn ( bring your own microwave popcorn and paper bag) in the Roaring Forks and head to the movie on the beach with some beverages...

    As for room locations... Ya get what you pay for, pay for a view you can live with... Free up grades do happen but not often... North wing has a service area on north side of wide toward the front of the resort and southward is the otter pond .... Neither are as bad as guests make out... courtyard views are 2.... Courtyard view to villa... Not that great and courtyard main pool view... The best and what we prefer....

    Nothing really bad about the whole resort, on location and price, can't be beat... Monorail does nothing for us, always crowded so those resorts on its loop are over rated and over priced for us... The boat to the MK is a free ride and attraction all in its own, especially when leaving the MK, you'll see the huge lines going up to the monorail, Ferry boat.... But the boat dock for the WL, quite small and very efficient....

    Go, don't fret the small stuff, take some beverages to the pool, grab a chair and let the relaxing Indian music take you away.... So refreshing.... Hope you enjoy the WL as much as we do!

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