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Dec 24, 1999
Have you made any plans on how you are going to handle this years? Like amount of pins bought and time spent in the pin trading area... I know that I need to pace myself after last year. We are going to go after only one set of pins and then ony the ones we REALLY want. I hope to see more day light as well (and even a few more bowls of Cheese Soup).

How about you... And new plans for this event?
Same here Nat,
Not going to get any doubles unless I know my Proxy will want them, which means anything Figment.
Not going to hang out in the big room and trade all day and into the evening, I have to get some rides and shows in during my trip.
I also would like to enjoy the weather and can't do that in an air conditioned building.
And I think I will do only my map and the map for my proxy. Last year I did quite a few extra and no one wants them. Definately going ot do more WDW stuff and less pin stuff.
KUNGALOOSH!!!!! Peggie
I did not go last year, but really listened to what everyone had to say.

I was kind of glad I did not get into the breakfast - I am just going to enjoy the World and enjoy the friends - any maybe get a couple pins. Pin lines are not in my agenda - I will wait and if there are any left, then Iwill get them.

I am looking forward to the map - as I have never doen that before, so that should be fun.

As far as pins - if Mickey is not on it, then I will not have it.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone - that will be the most fun for me.

I'm going to pretty much do the same as I did last year on the pins. I only bought what I wanted and a few extras for traders. I will make more time for the maps, especially the Villain one :teeth: and I will also make more time for the various mini - meets. I do not plan on spending as much time trading this year. A 4 - 5 hours a day then on to something else.
Probably not going to get doubles on everything.
More time in other parks.
Hopefully get to do some talks with an interpreter since I missed out on that totally last year.
Will use my car instead of bus system most of the time as it is easier for me.
Spend some time at PI Comedy Warehouse.
I think I am following the majority here. I intend to get only the pins I really want. I do intend to spend a little more time enjoying people & WDW rather than marathon trade sessions.

I also will do the map this time last year my knee was pitiful. Much better this year. I ended up trading for the pins which wasn't anywhere near as fun.
I was thinking I would do the opposite of last year. I have decided that I want to get involved in more things. Last year I just sort of stood around and didn't do anything. This year I think I will see if anyone wants to do some activities around the parks. Why I might even trade some pins this year, that would be kind of interesting. That is if the Strawberry doesn't give me the bird.

I do hope to pass on the dancing with the idols at the Adventurer's Club. No good came from that and I still wake up nights in a cold sweat.

I plan to buy 10 of each pin so I can have 8 left over and trade them away for rack pins six months later.

I will arrive at Epcot one hour before opening and not leave until they kick me out of the place.

I will get in any pin line, no matter how long, no matter for what pin, no matter if I want the pin or not.

I hope to be alternately drenched in sweat and rain, to the point that I have no dry clothes, and can't even go to the eatery to trade in the middle of the night.

I will fill out each day's RSP in such a convoluted way that I will end up with every pin except the one I really wanted.

I plan to miss all the fun mini-meets and activities of the GPA because I'm either wringing out my clothes, trading, or doing extra maps that nobody wants.

Oh, wait. That was <b>last year's</b> plan. :eek: ;) :smooth:

<i>Note to self: <b>Get NEW plan!</b></i> :cool: :confused: :earseek: :teeth:
I gave up the pin event for a week stay at Marco Island Fl.
While there my wife and I plan on just relaxing and going to the Everglades to see the gators and nature!
If someone could get me a set of the figment pins that would be great. I can send you the money ahead of time.
Thanks, Al
Here's our plan.. avoiding Orlando if at all possible during the event! ;)

We are STILL burned out from the even last year. Not only that, but I'm out of a job in 5 days, and we had planned a trip to Hawaii next month. So, all plans for anything are shot until further notice. Ugh...

Dar :(

(seems lots of us have a bit of bad luck lately)

P.S. Hey, Lisa, doesn't it get a bit dangerous signing songs while driving? Of course, probably just as dangerous as others talking on their cell phones! ;)
I plan to do much the same as last year:

Only want a few pins and hope that I can afford them

Sit by my computer and be very sad that I am not at WDW

Play the games and not know enough answers (hint hint jeff)

Sit by my computer and be very sad that I am not at WDW

Try to make lots of posts so it seems like more people are here and get to know my fellow stay at homes better

Sit by my computer and be very sad that I am not at WDW

Wish I was trading pins and taking lots of pictures

Sit by my computer and be very sad that I am not at WDW

I do plan one change, I think I will try to be a little more rowdy, since most of the collectors board monitors will be gone.


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