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Feb 22, 2013
Hello! I'm not quite sure if this is the correct board to ask about this, but I really wanted to get you guys' input on this.

I just came back from a week-long trip to Orlando, spending much of my time at Universal, but also hit up Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom as an extra bit of fun. Well, here's something that I've noticed: for some reason or another, individuals feel the need to push themselves past lines. All the time. And I'm not talking about FastPass or someone with a disability or anything like that. People will just squeeze past other people in the Standby line. To make this more frustrating, the most common attractions I've witnessed this at were Forbidden Journey and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, both of which usually command a pretty insane wait time by themselves.

My question is this - is there any valid or legitimate reason to do this? Because it seems to me that just breaking line for the sake of getting to the rides faster is super unfair to everyone else, and I'm not really sure why we as guests, or even Cast/Team Members, let people get away with it.

Personally, I would like to see a system similar to what Six Flags (Over Georgia, at least) set up where they have a phone number to park security for people who try to "cheat the system" as it were... but that'd just be my solution.
I think it's ok for someone to hold their place in line while they run to the bathroom or something, but blatant line pushing I can't think of an excuse for.
If someone is spending time playing one of games in the line at the Mine Train and the line moves along without them, then others should be able to go past them. Not sure if that is what you witnessed.
Could be someone left the line to use the bathroom and then is coming back to join the rest of their party. Also, maybe some folks wait in line then text the rest of their party when they are getting to the front, so they push ahead to join them? Just a guess. It really would not bother me if it was just once or twice, I would just assume they are catching up with their party for a legitimate reason.

If it bothered me that much, I would just ask the person why they are trying to get past me and see what they say.

I have witnessed this at many parks. If you point it out to employees/CMs of those rides they will usually handle it. In most amusement parks, line cutting can be cause for dismissal from the park with no refunds. They workers can usually figure out if they were returning from the bathroom or cutting the line pretty easily.
I don't see people pushing past others. Once in a while there's a person or two trying to meet up with their party. However, I was accused of doing this back in Janaury. People don't seem to understand that at HM it is not a single file line.

We were in line and in my desire to keep my children happy and occupied I missed the fact the line had moved up a little bit. The family behind us went around us and filled the spot. That bugged me a bit, in a reverse situation I would give the family some time to see the line moved a little and if they did not realize I would get their attention not blow past them.

I think it depends. Travelling with a wee one I totally get needing to leave the line for toilet breaks etc. I've had to do this quite a bit. But especially at Universal when I was there in February I noticed a real trend of 1 family member holding a place for the entire family who all would literally then come in at the last possible minute (usually before the line went inside). This happened to us on the Forbidden Journey line and it must've been a family reunion- we counted 16 in the party. This just isn't above board and we found it really aggravating.

Yeah, but who would actually admit to cutting the line? I'm not a line cutter but I wouldn't admit to it if I were ; if you asked me I would tell you I was catching up to my party. In Spanish.
Yeah, but who would actually admit to cutting the line? I'm not a line cutter but I wouldn't admit to it if I were ; if you asked me I would tell you I was catching up to my party. In Spanish.

But, unless you are a good liar, there will be that moment of hesitation before they answer. I have five children, so I'm pretty good at seeing that. That's why my kids don't try to lie to me anymore. Espanol? No problemo
IMO, this is part of a larger societal problem of selfishness and lack of courtesy, and it deeply frustrates and saddens me. There are several causes, again IMO. I just try to follow the Golden Rule and model good behavior (and tolerance) for my children.
If somebody is in the line ahead of me, then leaves the line for a restroom break, I have no problem letting them back to their place. I am not OK with people leaving the line to go get a snack or wait in the air conditioning or wait somewhere more comfortable or to ride another attraction then rejoining their party. Nor am I OK with one person holding a place in line and having a party join them just before the loading area. If you want to ride, wait like the rest of us or get a FP+. I have seen people claiming to be joining their party up ahead but know that they had not been in the line. If I can I will stop them and tell them that their party up ahead is welcome to join them behind me. This happens a lot at Soarin'. I am always pleasantly surprised at the support that I get from others who have been waiting with us when stopping people like this. That is why I'm always friendly with the people I am waiting near. Crowd shaming line cutters can work wonders.
go potty BFORE you get in line. they all tell you how long it is , so no excuses there. and yes this includes the younger set. if there was an emergency then you find a CM who can issue you a slip to get back in to the line without having to start back at the beginning.

they CAN'T get past me, my wheelchair takes up a lot of space. and sorry but NOBODY believes the 'I am just catching up to my family' line.

the ONE time I saw it actually be true, 3-4 people stood in place and let others get past them about 2/3 of the way through the line until Dad and junior did catch up..who, BTW, DID NOT crowd the line at all and actually patiently walked through until they did meet their party.

My biggest pet peeve was when the line was outside the barriers in 'public' walkways and people act as if they want to just cut through get past the line and continue on then suddenly stop in the 'line'. not to stereotype, but it was an awful lot of Brazilian tour groups that had that issue. and yes we understand enough of the language to know thy knew exactly what they are doing. unfortunately we could not call them out on it in their native tongue. Funny who not three minutes earlier they were able to ask for a Dole Whip in passible English but suddenly became unable to speak it at all....
Also, maybe some folks wait in line then text the rest of their party when they are getting to the front, so they push ahead to join them?

This is still considered line cutting, at least in my book. When I worked at IOA it was considered line cutting and you could be removed from the attraction or even the park if you were caught.

Doing that basically allows folks to create there own personal fastpass system. One person waits in the long line while everyone else goes off to enjoy other attractions, until they get a text to come back to the long line and then cut in front of everyone to join that person. It's completely unfair, selfish and disrespectful towards everyone else in the line.
Love a good line cutting thread. I've been back on the DIS for a few months and haven't seen one - was starting to get worried that FP+ had fixed all the problems.

I'm ok with one adult taking a little one to the potty and coming back. That's about it for my tolerance level. If you're alone or over 13, expect me to block your way and wait for you to explain yourself.
Part of the problem are those that think its a single file line. CMs will tell you to squeeze in. If there's room in front of you, you should take it. Some parties line in in groups and leave lots of space between. If peOpel would squeeze in, the lines would be shorter. The wait will be the same, but more people can enjoy the shade and/or AC.
Taking pics, it depends how long they take. A few seconds, I'll wait, but if it's a big group and they're taking a while, I push past them. In reality, you'll all be going on the same ride at Soarin'.
I ended up walking past many people in the Haunted Mansion line. It was very wide and the cast members said fill in all of the space. So I proceeded to do so walking past many people.


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