should I or shouldn't do IOA when i go back


Mar 21, 2001
hey my family went in 2000. now we are planning for march 2002 and they only want to go to universal! i am now asking if i can pay the extra on the 1 day pass for a 2 day pass
Should I?
Do they have new things since march 2000?
Does anyone have the ratings for storm force and flying unicorn?
I only got to go on some rides here they are tell me others that I cant miss if i go back again.
1.islands skipper tours
2.spider man ride
3.popeye river ride
4. jurassic camp
5. sinbad show
6.the cat in the hat
7. caroselle
Will they have any new attractions by then?
i was also wondering what would be a good restaurent to eat lunch.
and will they have any new shows at that time.
another one is i will be staying offsite should i reserve 2 nights at an onsite resort for the express pass. is it worth it?
i was also wondering what day of the week i should do this park?

if you have any suggestions or comments please tell me i am only 12 and i got to start saving now i figure it will cost me around 120.

hey does anyone want to meet me at this park and show me the neat things and attractions.If you do i can keep you up to date on the exact day i am going.

cant wait for royal pacific resort !!!
:D :D


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