September W.I.S.H. - Back to Basics


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Apr 21, 2014

Hello - September... the perfect month to get back to the basics of healthy living.

We're here to support each other with kindness as we each work on becoming or staying healthy during these trying times. Everyone is invited, and we're looking forward to catching up with regulars and welcoming newcomers! So hop aboard and post your personal goals.

We have weekly volunteer hosts, and typically follow a Monday-Sunday format:

Motivation Monday,
Topic Tuesday,
WOOHOO Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Free For All Friday,
Social Saturday &
Self-Care Sunday.


August 30- September 5 --- Oneanne
September 6 - 12 --- MickeyMom76
September 13 - 19 --- PollyannaMom
September 20 - 26 ---

September 27 - October 3 ---
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It doesn't get more basic than love, does it?
What is your motivation this week, as we head in to a new month?
What are three loving things you will do for yourself this month, to move forward along your path of healthy living?
Hi! I’m Cristin, a wife, mother of twin teens, kindergarten teacher from PA. First day of school is today! This month I will focus on managing stress (due to the start of school) while also getting my eating back on track (school routine usually helps with that as long as I can avoid the temptation of stress eating!)

three loving things:
1) get up early to workout before school
2) eat healthy
3) take time to destress (taking a walk, enjoying watching my kids at sports, reading for fun, etc

Nicole, 50, in Massachusetts, with DH, DS(20) and 2 demanding cats

September Goals:
:earsboy: Stick to my exercise routine.
:earsgirl: Drink 8 oz. water for every cup of coffee.
:earsboy: Try 3 new recipes this month.
:earsgirl: Keep decluttering! (It's been a slow process, but I'm actually seeing some results.)

What is your motivation this week, as we head in to a new month?
What are three loving things you will do for yourself this month, to move forward along your path of healthy living?

Hints of fall are motivating me. Autumn/back to school has always felt like the real "new year" to me, so it gives me an energy boost.

Three things:
1) realize when I'm getting stressed and take some time to recover
2) congratulate myself on things that went well
3) not blame myself for things that are out of my control

I can host next week, Sept 6-12

And I can take either the 3rd or 4th week - whichever nobody else wants.
Hello all, Lizanne here... single lady of a certain age living in beautiful Seattle WA. I also love fall, we've been having cool mornings and sunny afternoons which is just about prefect autumn weather. It is going to be any early fall, with the stress trees went thru with the heat dome and the long dry spell, things are already starting to change. This is also a vacation month - woohoo! I was thinking it was 2 weeks away but it is actually just one week!


The loving goals I've set for myself for this month:

The first task in the adrenal healing course is to start each day with a couple cups of celery juice, a cup of lemon water and some ginger tea... so I'm committing to doing this. I know juicing every day is a non-starter for me, so I bought some pre-made juices to get started and ordered some powdered celery and ginger for the long term.

I will keep my step count at at least 7000 steps per day, and will continue to walk in the park and along the water at least 4 times a week. Saturday morning when I was there Seal Sitters (a volunteer group that protects seals while they are on the beach) had an area roped off and I stopped to ask a man where the seal was, as I couldn't see it. His energy was so lovely, soft and kind, and it has really stuck with me, such a surprise gift. And it reminded me to tend to my own energy, so that's another goal for September.

I will continue to adjust my eating, increasing protein and decreasing carbs. And I'll set a -1 pound per week goal, to continue on with what I accomplished in July and August.

And lastly I'll continue to work on my quality of sleep. I got an air purifier Saturday and I am seeing an improvement in breathing, last night there was only one spike into the oxygen high variation zone. Last night I added another pre-bedtime herb that is often mentioned with ADHD management, and I felt like I slept deeply the first part of the night, but FitBit says other wise. Drat. But I'll keep at it.
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Shannon: RI, age 38, mom of 3 busy with work, pta, cub scouts whole sha-bang

3 things I will do this month:
Get back into the habit of my skincare routine (it went down the tubes once it started getting hot out)
Up my water intake back to a minimum of 30 ounces a day with a goal of 60 ounces
Make time to de-stress with reading (not online), listening to podcasts or watching youtube (but only fun stuff like yesterworld or defunctland)


There is an Indian proverb that says that we are each a house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual room. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but if we don't go into each room every day, even if only to keep it aired out, we are not a complete person.


Which room do you spend the most time in? Which room is most in need of being aired out? Is there a room ready for re-decoration?
Been living in mental with pretty consistent visits to emotional and physical. The emotional room is a mess so I get overwhelmed everytime I try to spruce it up. Tried to redecorate the spiritual room while in lockdown, didnt go so well, it needs some help. It's got some old discolored wallpaper, carpet needs a shampoo....I kid but seriously it needs some work. Which will be thrust on it during DISTANCE LEARNING CCD oh boy!
I've always lived in the mental room... and now I know why. I get dragged in to the physical room on a fairly regular basis to put out fires/make repairs. In the emotional room my stuff is still packed away in the moving boxes, but I do go in there and trip over them now and then. And the spiritual room... this room has been calling to me quite a bit lately, so is going to get a lot of attention in the coming months.
Quick woohoos so I don’t forget later:

woohoo -I am getting up and working out before school without feeling too rushed!

Woohoo - yesterday was a better day of eating that the first day of school (during which I forgot to eat lunch and then smacked on chocolate and cookies).

Woohoo - I started back to reading the Bible and praying each morning before school. Now I’m wondering why I let this slip over the summer?!?!

Woohoo - our Governor is mandating masks in schools now! We started this week with them option after a long debate during the school board meeting as did many surrounding districts. But next week, we must comply with the Governor’s orders!
Woohoo... this has been a rough work week so far, with a wild pace of things coming up. But I've been rocking it, keeping up and solving problems right and left... other people's problems at that. I even got a compliment from my second level up manager about speaking up and pushing back in a meeting Monday.

Woohoo... I dropped another pound, making it -6 for August, now the count for September starts. I know I'll be eating more while on vacation, so I'll need to keep my walking and general activity levels up to burn enough calories to compensate.

Woohoo... I'm officially in vacation countdown mode. Knowing the Pet Nanny will be in the house is always a great motivator to get things straightened up. Plus I have my brow wax, pedicure and hair cut appointments all lined up in the coming days. I take off for the coast early Monday morning, so I have all weekend to get stuff done but want to chip away at things during the week as well.

Woohoo... I didn't throw any food away last week. I realized this yesterday and double checked the fridge to see if I just forgot to clean it out and there wasn't anything old/spoiled, so I really did finally manage to eat what I had bought for the week.
Woohoo we got the DSs off to school on time and with minimal stress on day 1
Woohoo even with the rain and covid limitations got 5 new PTA members signed up
Woohoo found out DD will be in school five days a week starting next week for her speech therapy
Woohoo planned the first 3 months of scout meetings, scouts starts up again next week
Woohoo I discovered as of last week I was back to my pre-covid weight so now I know I need to focus more on toning than weight loss
I have a few woohoo's
  • I am off of work the rest of the week. No kids and nothing to do. This morning I just needed to take DS for his physical.
  • I feel like emotionally I am getting back on track. Yesterday I have a few rough moments with it being a year since my grandfather pasted.
  • DD has clearance to start with soccer this week. Nothing big. Just warm-ups and light foot skills. Next week she can start to introduce band as she tolerates it. She is doing ten times better then last week. She has been in school every day and has only missed for her appointments and those were during her lunch and band time.


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