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Aug 28, 2008
Just wondering if you would book this excursion with DCL or would you do it on your own. Disney says that they take you to an area of the beach that is for Disney cruise guests only. The cost for us would be $36 x 3. They include a soft drink but nothing else. Need some opinions please. We really want to see the beach in Grand Cayman.:cheer2:


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Aug 22, 2002
We would like to go the Sea Grape as well. I was wondering if there are good watersports for teenage boys? How long is the taxi ride from the ship?

Do you rent the chairs? How is the food? Anything else you can recommend would be great!!


Feb 1, 2007
We did Sea Grapes on our own in late Feb 2007. Taxis are lined up ready to take you wherever you want to go as soon as you get off the tender in GC. They will fill the mini vans to the rafters before they leave. We had an AC van take us there, but no AC on the way back - it was pretty toasty. No problem whatsoever getting a cab back to town when we were ready to leave the beach.

We got to the beach just before 10 am, and rented chairs and an umbrella - I can't recall exactly, but I think it was about $30 for the lot. At the time that they situated us, we thought we had an excellent location - little did we know that the beach would get very crowded and that several people would end up in front of us - cutting off our view of the water. So, if you get there early, put your chairs and umbrella at the shoreline.

The snack shack looks clean and attractive, and if it hadn't been so hot and crowded, we would have stayed for lunch. However, after 2 hours on the beach and dipping in the ocean, we headed back to town for lunch.

I think the beach is quite a bit narrower after the hurricanes from a few years ago, but the sand that remains is lovely and soft, the water is warm and refreshing, and the kids can play along the edge. It does drop off fairly quickly. There were various water toys available for rent nearby.

The nice thing about doing this on your own is that you get to decide how long you will stay.

Have fun. Definitely get there early, and park at the edge for the best view!
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    Dec 6, 2004
    This is great information. Anyone else have tips on how to do Sea grape on their own.

    Also I read about Seaside Old Fashon Ice Cream...anyone been there?


    Nov 18, 2009
    We are also thinking of doing Sea Grape on our own. The Beach Break isn't offered because we don't ge to GC until 10:45. Any recent cruisers been there? Most of the info on this thread is from 2008.

    How much was the taxi?
    How long does it take to get there?
    What is the current cost for renting an umbrella & chair?

    Drew Sailbum

    Jan 17, 2010
    Sea Grape, or any other part of Seven Mile Beach, is easy to do on your own. You do not need to pay for a ship's excursion. Other popular places on Seven Mile Beach include Royal Palms, Governor's Beach, Public Beach, and Tiki Beach.

    You can travel by shared-ride taxi or tour bus right from the port. Cost is about US$5-6 per person, depending upon how far down Seven Mile Beach you go. Or you can walk to the public bus depot on Edward St next to the library (about two block inland from the port) and ride a #1 or #2 West Bay (WB) bus for US$2.50 per person.

    Sea Grape has umbrellas and chairs for rent as do the other spots I mentioned (except for Governor's Beach). Watersports rentals, food and restrooms are all on-site or nearby.

    There will be shared-ride taxis waiting at most of the popular beach spots to take you back to the port. Fare is another US$5-6. Or cross the road (Bea careful! We drive on the left! Look both ways!) and flag down a passing public bus for a US$2.50 ride back to town.

    Public buses cannot directly serve the port. They can only pick up or drop off passengers a couple blocks away from the port.
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