SB- Back from overnight crop


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Aug 23, 1999
The overnight crop I attended ended at 4PM.....boy, am I tired. I did sleep last night, but not much....because of my baby not because of my scrapbooking! I was incredibly productive....

41 Pages!

The most of anyone at the crop, which is amazing as I am usually such a slow scrapper. It was a great time and I highly recommend trying one of these if you ever get the opportunity.
Did you mean 4am? Sounds like a great time! I'm hoping I can be as productive when I attend the Convention crop. It will be my first time to do anything like this and not sure if I'll get much done but even a few pages is more than I do at home.
I did mean 4PM.....we started at 5PM Friday, worked until late, went to bed and then got up early and continued all day! I went to bed aroud midnight, but I should have stayed up longer since I couldn't fall asleep anyway! Some of the ladies were up past 2.

We all had rooms at the hotel....had to get our own dinner Friday (dh called for pizza delivery for us), but breakfast and lunch on Saturday were included. I got so much done, it was great!
Great job, Lesley!!

Was this a Creative Memories Crop? What were your pages of - baby, vacation, holidays.....?

I bet your eyes were burning and your arms were tired!


Yes, it was a Creative Memories crop. The pages I did were from Christmas, my son's birthday, a picnic last summer, a trip to Massachusetts, my dd's first weeks (skipped the pregnancy/newborn pages because I didn't have those pics with me) a trip to the Crayola factory, various summer pics, and all the way back to Christmas in 1999. I was actually running out of photos to work with!

As for my arms getting tired, I think I pulled something in my shoulder hauling my supplies out to my car at the end! 12x12 Cropper Hopper is really heavy and I don't usually take it with me, but I wanted to have all my stuff available to work with for such a long crop. The shoulder is finally feeling better today :) I never thought I'd end up with a scrapbooking injury!

I definitely think this was a great way to get a lot done with minimal interruptions. You might think I'd be ready to set everything aside after doing so much..but I actually just want to do more. I'm going to a "Mom and kids daycrop" on Friday...the CMC watches the kids while we she has regular monthly workshops at a church. I'm on a roll and don't want to stop!


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