Savannah on St'Patricks Day


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Aug 26, 1999
Hi i was wondering has anyone been to Savannah on St'Patricks Day. As we be staying at HH.I know the main parade is on SAT-16,but we wll only be checking in on the 16,Driving up from OKW.As far as i know there will be other events over the rest of the weekend.


I have never been to the Savannah Parade .I do know some of my friends go every year.They are New York Police officers and they choose to march in the parade in Savannah.Instead of New york's Parade.They have told me that the Parade is great.They Town realy throwss agood party.

New York's Parade is still the best but I would go to Savannah if I were close.
It is a HUGE party. I've heard the numbers, but can't recall - but thousands and thousands of people flock to Savannah for St. Patrick's - one of the largest such celebrations in the U.S.

We left HH on the 17th one year, and spent the 16th in Savannah. At a certain time late in the afternoon - they closed the parking lots down at the river and began to clear them out. We, fortunately, got in shortly before they were closed. You could definitely feel the excitement in the air!

As always - check with the CM's at the HH front desk - I'm sure they can give you a lot of info!!

Have a great time!
Thanks dano+Beth.

Beth i think there was half a million visitors last year. The only problem with us is we check out of OKW on the morning of the parade .But we could get up very early and drive up to HH and leave our bags at the front desk,and then head back to Savannah in time for the parade.


The St. Patrick's Day celebration (actually a 3 day celebration!) in Savannah is fabulous! Parking is difficult unless you get there early (by 9am latest). The parade is quite long, but wonderful. We had the best time chatting with the Savannah residents who had their chairs lined up along the route. It is quite a hoot - well worth the visit. We love Savannah - it is a beautiful city with really warm people, with just a little bit of decadence to it!! Have a great time.:wave: :sunny:

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