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    Sep 23, 2003
    We are driving to THE WORLD from MA and are thinking of an over-night stop in Savanah. We would love any help on...

    1. hotels (reasonably priced)
    3. something to do in early am for kiddos

    We are traviling with our 2 yr old DD's and plan on being in the car all day Friday. We would stop here friday night and take in a little of the sights and hopefully let the girls do some walking/running on Saturday morning, before continuing our journey.

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    Jan 14, 2005
    3,091 are driving that far in one day? Do your girls sleep in the car? My one does and she's 12, but my 4.5 yo DD doesn't so no drives over 12 hrs a day (stops included).

    We drive from Fredericksburg, VA to Savannah the first day and we stop for lunch at Cracker BArrel in Fayetteville, NC usually. We leave here about 8am stop around 11:30-12pm for lunch and arrive in Savannah around 6pmish. That's doing 80-85mph with little traffic (there's usually a little near Myrtle Beach. It's a long day. We had been staying at Wingate Inn (nice) at Savannah Gateway exit. Stayed at Hamptonn Inn once and the floor was cruddy..when DD was 2 her legs and hands were black from crawling on it..Eww!

    Now we just go ahead one more hour to Brunswick, Ga. It's quieter and I believe the hotels are a little bit cheaper. It's just not as congested and it's one less hour we have to drive the next day. There's a Country Inn and Suites which includes breakfast and there's also a Holiday Inn (where we stayed) has a restaurant, but no free breakfast. Kids eat free with paying adults. But you can always find a Cracker Barrel for a great breakfast. DOn't know about something to do for kids in the a.m...after we eat we hit the road asap to reach the Mouse as early as we can.

    In Brunswick

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