Saturday Jan. 12th Mythos Munch-Off


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Apr 25, 2000
Hey, MIB999999! How's about after the MIB Shoot-Off training session, we organize a get-together at Mythos this coming Saturday?

What time shall we make it? Noon? 1 o'clock?
I see two determined competitors facing off across a table, with chocolate banana gooey cakes stretching off into infinity.

How could you guys do this to me!! Having a meet at my FAVORITE place in the whole wide world six days after I come home???


i plan on being at MYTHOS at 12:30 any time i am in the parks. since i am meeting sha_lyn and group and probably MsDiz at MIB at 9:00 am i would not be opposed to 12:00 noon. i intend to work them hard so they will need a break by noon.

All MIB shoot-offs are preceded or followed by MYTHOS or they are not official shoot-offs.

Robinrs, sorry you can not attend but you can send money and know we will enjoy it :D
MIB999999: I forgot you said 12:30 in the Molokai Gram Con thread. 12:30 it is!

Robinrs: Sorry, babe. I was hoping to get down to O-Town while you were still there but couldn't get everything wrapped up in time. Another time.
Isn't there a rule that if you say that you will be at a meet and miss us, you have to buy lunch at Mythos at the next meet? :)


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