SandraC ºoº DAY 3 ~ Cinderella's Royal Table, MK, Blizzard Beach and MORE!


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Oct 27, 2000
DAY THREE ~ Sunday, April 22

15 month old ds woke about 5:30 am, the earliest on the trip. But it didn't take him long to adjust. ds and I strollered to OPR for morning coffee. I was surprised to see so many people up and about that time of day.

Mickey wake up call came at 7am, but I'm afraid I should have requested 6:30 am for that day. We had PS at Cindy's for 8:20 am. We left CBR and drove to MK starting out at 7:40 am. That gave us 40 minutes, I think it took 35 minutes and we rushed. I didn't like having to rush but I wasn't about to miss out on Cindy's (even thou we've done it before). We were seated immediately. Cinderella was visiting children at hospital, so she was a little late which of course we did not mind at all. The characters at breakfast were great because there were three new characters that we haven't met before; Alice, Jasmine and Prince Charming! Also there was Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Belle and Snow White. The food was as good as I remember. The only negative report I have about this meal (and most of the other character meals) was that I felt a little rushed. It was like feed 'em up and move 'em out. But the characters spent lots of time at our table.

We spent lots of time at Fantasyland riding Snow White, Pooh, Peter Pan, Small World, Carousel, Tea cups; mostly did the rides 2 and 3 times during the whole week. We did the rope drop at Toontown and saw and did all the attractions there. Barnstormer twice, good thing because I video taped the ride and forgot to take the lens cap off the first time! We met a bunch of characters at TT, Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Cinderella again, Cinderella's two girl mice, Tweedle Dee and Dum. We skipped Pooh and Friends because we were doing Crystal Palace later in the week.

We did Space Mountain, then over to Liberty Sq for Haunted Mansion. It was a hot day and Splash Mountain was VERY busy, FAST PASS IS AWESOME! I don't think we missed a ride or attraction on our list! Most we did a couple or 3 times.

ds would sleep in the stroller for 1 - 2 hours daily which gave us lots of thrill ride time. He loved the rides to and meeting characters. ds works very well on OVER STIMULATION!

Later that day we went to Blizzard Beach, I didn't like it very much. I think because I was expecting a little waterpark but it's HUGE! It's really a waterpark/theme park. I liked Typhoon Lagoon way better. We didn't spend much time at BB.

Back to CBR to change clothes and to MK again for dinner at Tony's! dd (7 years old) asked if Lady and the Tramp were there and the waitress took her autograph book into the kitchen for the dogs paw prints and Tony and Joe's autographs ~ it was great!

dh and dd rode up front on the monorail and got co-pilots licences. Later that week we all did it and I'll have a surprise to tell you about then too!

MK closed at 8 pm but we stayed a little later, the streets were very pretty with lights!

We got to CBR in time to watch Illuminations from our balcony. VERY MAGICAL DAY!

Lights out for everyone about 10 pm!

STAY TUNED FOR DAY FOUR ~ Chef Mickey, Epcotm dinner at OPR!
That's so nice that you got to enjoy the thrill rides too, while ds slept. How wonderful to be able to watch Illuminations from your balcony each night. They are one of my favourite things to do at WDW. :)
I am glad to see that you family had such a wonderful time:jester: I am anxiously(sp?) awaiting your trip report for day 4! How are things looking at CBR? Are the refurbishments coming along well? I'd really like to know how you rate CBR overall now that you have experienced it:p

I'm glad your son was able to sleep in his stoller. That had to make it easier.


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