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Earning My Ears
Dec 29, 2009
Hello all!
We are having electrical issues with our travel trailer. Microwave, tv, and one outlet work. Nothing else-no Lights, a/c, etc. Currently at the Fort. We changed the battery before we left and checked fuses. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sounds like something a camping trip could cure!
Feb 10, 2008
Here is a list of repair people we have put together.

This is not an endorsement, just helpful info.

Mobile RV repair: The Fort front desk also keeps a list.

Master RV Mobile Service - 407- 348-0862

Pro-tech Mobile RV Service Inc - 352-404-6936

Frank's Mobile RV - 407-922-7302
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Oct 1, 2002
Did you check the breakers in the electrical box? Maybe a power surge and tripped them?
  • Corgidad

    Feb 17, 2008
    Your microwave, TV and the outlets work off of the 120 volt connection from the campground. The lights and thermostat for the a/c work off of 12 volts supplied from your battery. I would suspect that you battery is dead( or to low to supply power to the camper) and not charging, if you have a voltmeter check the battery voltage to see what the voltage is just on the battery. If it is low it is not charging and that would be the reason for loosing lights and a/c. The problem could then be an issue with your on board charger that keeps the battery charged while hooked up to electric from your converter. Check fuses for the converter they may be blown. If your battery is not charging from the converter you could get a cheap trickle charger from Walmart and hook it up to your battery and keep it charged that way. If you are not comfortable with any of the suggestions given please do not try them just call one of the people that 2goofycampers has given.
    Regarding 2goofycampers list Camping Connection is no longer in business.
    Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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    Mar 27, 2000
    Double check your power cords connection at the post to make sure it isnt loose. I would start with resetting the breaker at the post and then reset all the breakers in the trailer (physically trip them and reset every one) If you have a 50a cord it could possibly be one leg of the 50a is not providing 110v power to your trailer. If you have 50a I would ask the Fort to send someone out to verify that the 50a outlet on the post is operating properly.


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    Nov 7, 2010
    Corgidad has the same direction I am going.

    You said you just replaced your battery before you left. The trailer has a 12 volt converter that should power all the lights and other 12 volt things, even without a battery. I suspect the battery is installed backwards and the converter drained your battery and may have burned out the converter doing it. I would disconnect the battery and see if the converter does anything. It should work the lights, at a minimum.

    If still nothing, the converter is dead (and likely the battery).

    If you find the battery in backwards and the converter still works, you can try installing the battery correctly and it may recharge it.

  • veraletta

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    Apr 25, 2000
    Our last trip to Disney around Thanksgiving time, we had a full site 2100 that our Class C did the same thing. We called Disney to come look at our site to make sure it's wasn't their Electric outlet caused it. As I would restart our Gen and every thing was just fine. After 30 minute they found out it was my power surger. So we couldn't use it for the whole 11 days I was there. I was scared to death we would have a surge and end up having to pay tons to get our RV fixed. We were lucky everything was just fine. I already have a new power surge for our next trip which is in four weeks.

    team bradfield

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    Feb 16, 2009
    my rig has a GFI outlet in the bath, if it trips I lose most outlets, if you have any GFI's try resetting them
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    FtW Mike

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    Feb 4, 2016
    Did you clean the cable connections prior to attaching them to the new batteries. forgot to do that with the wife's car once and she had a problem starting it the next day and I paid for it

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