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  1. disney is my life

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    Jul 15, 2012
    Time sure does fly. We will be arriving at the world 3 weeks from today. I need some last minute help. What important information do you usually bring with you (e.g. park hours).Any ideas for surprising the kids in the hotel room with something? and just any general information i should know or have before leaving? TIA
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    Nov 4, 2007
    make sure you have your touring plans in place...which parks which days etc.
    park hours for each day, sometimes they change park hours so just check before you leave. Get a index card or on your phone put your ADR's and park hours etc. on them for each day

    Make a to do list for the trip
    Make a packing list
    spend the next couple of weeks making sure everything is checked off
    keep updated on the boards

    as far a suprises dor kids in room I have never done this but if you want to go to local disney store or order online some special things for your trip!

    Have fun!!!
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    May 27, 2008
    What I make sure to take with me: dining reservation #s, my plan (which park what day), park info on EMH (in case we change our mind and I'm trying to hit or avoid an early magic hour park), my Disney Magical Express tags/info, flight info, resort reservation #.

    I have always left little treats for my girls each day of our trip from a different character each day. On arrival, I leave new pjs (their favorite Disney character) and an autograph book I've made in advance. After settling in our room, I send my girls off with daddy to the pool. I conveniently have to go back to the room for sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. While my girls are out, I leave out the treats. It's such a surprise when they get back to the room.

    I also leave little daily treats with tags every other morning. I've left little certificates for a Mickey ice cream bar, a certificate for a Mickey rice krispy treat. I've made some of the certificates myself and I've also gone to the Creative DISigns forum here on the DIS where there are wonderful designers that are creative and helpful that will make them for you. They are not "real" certificates. Just paper certificates I've printed on card stock. I've always distracted my girls when I paid for the purchase (ice cream bar, etc.) so they thought I really didn't have to pay for it. I've also left seashells from Ariel, bookmarks from Belle, princess chap stiick, certificates for Mickey ears, certificate for Christmas ornament, candy treats, certificate for ice cream, etc. I try to give them certificates for things I would have paid for anyway so that I'm not spending extra money (Mickey ice cream bar, treat at their favorite country pavilion in Epcot, etc.), or if I do buy something, I try to make it small like the chap stick. I leave each treat with a tag from one of the characters.

    The little treats make it so special for my girls. It helps to get them awake and up in the mornings. They glow when seeing their treat, and it adds to the magic.

    Ideas for older kids: nail polish, Hidden Mickey book, sunglasses.

    Another thing I just thought of that I used for a little treat is light up glow sticks or bracelets from the Dollar Tree or Target. Great for taking to light shows so you don't have to splurge on the overly expensive toys they sell there, but your kids still have something to play with. We take extras and share with kids around us.

    Have fun getting ready! Enjoy your trip!

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