Running at Caribbean Beach Resort


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Feb 22, 2013

We're visiting WDW for the first time from the UK for our honeymoon next week and are staying at the DBR. It's actually the first of two honeymoons as we're running the New York marathon in November as our second!

With that in mind, we're both deep into our training for the event and would like to keep it up whilst in WDW, running very early in the morning to avoid the heat. We've seen the trail around the lake at the CBR is around 3KM but does anyone know of any other routes we could run nearby (i.e. walkable from the resort). Can you run the perimeter of the resort? Or to another resort?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys


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Aug 18, 2010
How much distance are you looking for? I've run this route as part of a longer run.
It's about 4 miles you essentially run down one side of the lake then exit out the staff exit at the end of the resort. Directly across the road is the art of animation resort. You have to run up and over a little wooded hill to get to the AOA parking lot. From there its pretty easy to cut in and run around the Pop/AOA lake. You can add distance by looping that lake. It's a pleasant run there have always been lots of people out when I run. Also if you go out the main entrance of CBR and turn right there is a really wide grassy area to run on. Run on that to the first stoplight which is Chelonia Parkway and turn right. That road has a nice sidewalk on it the entire length and it goes a little over a mile.

Have fun running NY. It is an incredible experience.

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Apr 3, 2015
Ohh I'm interested too, I just booked CBR for princess weekend and would like to do some light training in the days before as per my program.