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Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by big_thunder_girl, May 20, 2010.

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    That is an assault and you should have tried to stop the miscreants and summon security. If it appears as if someone is injured, it is okay to make an emergency out of it if help doesn't come quickly otherwise.[/QUOTE]

    um, why did you quote me? ere you talking to me or the girl who posted the story??? :confused3

    Just wondering! :D
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    Once my dad and I were at the ice cream shop in Tomorrowland (Auntie... something's) and this one lady had her baby in a storoller and it was screaming bloody murder. It was after Wishes. Well, it screamed the entire time we waited in line (5 minutes) and when it was her turn to order, she asked "Do you have milk here?" they said no, and she left. The menu board is above the cash registers! It had the drinks listed and everything! Ugh.

    Another time we were waiting for Finding Nemo the Musical- we got there insanely early. Only a couple people were in front of us. The one lady in front of us went "Are you trying to cut me!?" to my dad who apparently got into her five foot bubble, and he just looked at her blankly and said no. Considering that building can hold hundreds of people and there were ten people in line she was freaking out.

    lol this is my favorite- my mom had just battled with the turn stile during the morning extra magic hour for HWS (gotten there super early) because the CM hadn't opened it up on time. Anyways, the director said "action!" and we were all allowed into the park, but these three ladies in front of us decided then to start taking pictures of the Sorcerer's hat THEN instead of the ten minutes we were standing there when no one was trying to trampe them, including my mom who wanted to ride TSM. It was funny looking at my mom's almost disgusted face :lmao:
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    If you recall the Haunted house line splits into 2 and then merges as you approach the front doors and then everyone sort of just piles in. There's no real orderly way to go about it other than try to keep from bumping into people.

    So last year while waiting in line my partner and I got accused of "cutting" at the front doors of the haunted mansion. We turned around to see from whom this shrill voice was coming from. Was it part of the Haunted Mansion experience? Nope!

    It turned out to be coming from an old hag in an ECV. I just chose to ignore her despite her repeated calls to anyone who would listen that we were cutting. My partner on the other hand (mouse ears and all) decided to lecture Cruella about how the "line" didn't really start until after we entered the mansion and that Disney was supposed to be a MAGICAL place and that her screaming was ruining the MAGIC for all the LITTLE children! lol HILARIOUS! :rotfl:

    Eventually she made it into the mansion will everyone else - still carrying on - beeping her ECV and running over a small child in the process. Once we got to the main queue she was escorted away. I imagine they put her in the first car they could find just to get rid of her.
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    Last December I was at Candlelight Processional in Epcot and after the show leaving the theatre it was EXTREMELY crowded in the American Pavilion. It was going to take a while to get out of there because there were thousands of people flooding out of the theatre. So this lady comes ramming through the crowd on her ECV knocking into everyone and she ended up running right over my foot and then she just kept going along. She ended up crashing into 2 other ECVs after that so there was a whole big EVC crash in the middle of World Showcase. :rotfl:
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    ECV are the worst kinds of people when they're rude. Did you guys here about the incident where people were hiring handicapped people just to get through the lines?
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    'Hiring handicapped people' whhaaaaaaaaat, no way! How would you even go about that?? :eek:
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    I was eating at BOG this past week and a woman had her daughter in the bathroom that had obviously had an accident and continued to poop on the floor. The mother had poop smeared everywhere and then proceeded to try to wash the Cinderella dress out in the sink. It was all over her daughter, the floor, the sink and she didn't wash the dress well at all. She puts the dress back on her daughter soaking wet with poop still clearly all over the gown and takes her back to the table to continue eating. Meanwhile, she never washed her hands or her daughters hands and left a mess all over the floor. The poor CM who kept asking her to stop stood there speechless.
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    Idk, but you'd have to be rich.

    Here's a NY Post Article about it
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    My mom told me about this when it first happened the thought of ome one doing that disgust me!:crazy2:
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    I LOVED reading these. Some times with rude guests it's really funny and just like 'seriously'?

    Well one morning at MK, we're waiting for the ropes to drop for character meets for the Disney fairies. We're about at the front of the line. My mom told me to go ahead and try to get through the crowd when they dropped to ropes, while she and my sisters and dad would try and get through without hitting anyone with the stroller with my little sister in it. So when the ropes drops I start going and this lady right behind me is hitting me in the heel with her stroller. I have flip-flops on so it hurts. I turned around and looked at her and she gave me this glare. If there hadn't been a kid in the stroller I probably would've randomly stopped so the stroller would hit me and crash or something, but it was pretty annoying and she did it the whole time until my mom came >=(
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    Ohh, every 5 years or so, I get to repost this. Way back when my DD was 3-5 we scored a great viewing spot for Illuminations - still newbies, we patiently staked it out for an hour. Right as the show starts a family pushes their way to the fence. The man proceeds to use my DAUGHTER'S HEAD as a TRIPOD so he can record the show. This was back in the 90s with the camcorders.
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    Two stories from our trip back in January 2010 (My mission in life is to get back to the Disney Bubble)

    Our first day in the parks we went to Magic Kingdom because my mom had scheduled dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table for all 12 of us to celebrate my oldest daughter turning 5 (Mom, Dad, Me, DH, Sister, Brother, Sister in law, Aunt, Niece age 6.5, Daughter turning 5, Nephew age 4.5, and Daughter age 2). My 2 year old daughter has a number of disabilities so we were using her stroller as a wheelchair. We had ordered a cake for my older daughter's birthday and had some left over so we placed it in the bottom of the stroller. That night was evening extra magic hours at Disney so we decided to stay. We went to get on the bus figuring that we would just have me hold the cake. The driver saw that we had a cake and mentioned that he would radio the next bus that there was a stroller that could not be folded. We loaded the stroller through the lift and removed our 2 year old and were seated near the rear door. As the bus got full DH noticed a mother trying to hold her small child that was under 3 while standing. We mentioned for her to take DH's seat and I moved my oldest onto my lap holding both girls. We were in the last forward facing seat (looking towards the front window) and there were 2 sideways facing (into the aisle) seats right behind us before the rear door. The little one being held by the other mom started crying and my youngest was getting restless and upset with being overly stimulated and was starting to show signs of I am going to loose it so I started to sing one of her favorites songs. "How you doing little one my little one...Show me a Sign (from Signing Time Volume 1 episode 1) and the other child quite crying. The lady sitting behind us turned to her friend and commented that people should not be having their children out this late. I turned to her and commented back that some of us were from other time zones so it was not that late for us and furthermore some of us also work night jobs so our children are used to being up late. It was about 11 pm but to us it was only 9 pm and my children thanks to their dad working nights didn't normally go to bed until 9:30 or 10 so that they would sleep later and not wake him up. I thought that the lady behind us was very rude making comments that people who have kids can't use evening extra magic hours. She likely wouldn't have approved of them using morning ones either because you have to get your child up earlier.

    Our last day in the parks we were back at Magic Kingdom and had gone to Toon Town to the County Bounty to wait in line to meet Tinker Bell and her friends. Since we had a stroller as a wheel chair tag we had our 2 year old in her stroller. People behind us kept making comments how rude some people are and can't we read no strollers. I wanted to turn around and tell them be damn thankful that your child can walk without falling down, but my DH told me honey calm down (he has since learned to get a bit more defensive on fighting for our daughter). The next thing we know a cast member came up to us and asked us to come with. 5 year old started crying because she really wanted to meet Tinker Bell and was thinking she wouldn't get to. We get back to where the cast member was making sure people were not using a stroller unless it had a wheel chair use tag and I thought we are going to get the are you sure you can't just carry your child it's making other guest upset. The cast member told us that they had gotten a number of complaints about us having a stroller in the line so a supervisor would be there shortly. The supervisor showed up and told us that she was going to take us through a special entrance to meet the characters. We got to have time with Tinkerbell, Iridessa, and Terrence just our family and had a wonderful time. By the people behind us complaining about our stroller we had a much shorter wait as it was they were letting a Make A Wish Family in first and then we would get to go.
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    Wow this is an old thread! But my fav rude story is on Space Mtn fast pass line parents with 2 teens hoped over the railing from standby line into FP line cutting us off. I told them they were line cutting and pretended not to speak English. Karma was working that day because when they got to the top where the second FP check was, guess who didn’t have any and was turned back!
    Nice example for their kids.
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    same thing happened to me and my 6 yo daughter at Haunted Mansion. A group of 4, 2 parents and 2 kids hopped the rail and walked up the FP line in front of us. The next check point was covered but I told the CM that I didn't appreciate the family cutting line. It didn't matter to me personally but it did all the other people waiting in the standby line. The CM scanned their bands and sent them out telling them they had to start at the end of the line.
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    Not sure if my story is more rude or crazy. This happened in 2013 and we were at MNSSHP. We were trying to get through the shoulder to shoulder people to make our way back to Adventureland. My daughter was 9 at the time and she was dressed up in Belle's Christmas dress. She was walking a couple paces in front of me, holding my husbands hand and this lady walking by gets right in her face, like nose to nose practically and screams "inappropriate" in her face! I don't even know what her issue was or what she was talking I seriously think she was either drunk or crazy. My daughter thankfully wasn't scared, she was laughing, asking me what the heck her problem was?? :rotfl:
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    June 2012 - Soar'In
    We were in the FP line (yes the old paper kind) - another family (maybe of Mexican or Spanish decent - they had an accent) were in the regular waiting line.

    The CM said we were next to go to boarding Soar'In in the FP line. The family in the regular waiting line (mentioned above) became every vocal and upset they were not next to continue to board. They said they had been waiting for over an hour.

    We said they could go first before us in the FP line.
    The CM said it was the FP lines turn to board and the regular line had to wait.

    The father of the family in the regular line, became irate & loud and more CM's came to help.
    The rest of the family of the irate father began to step away.

    The FP line, including us, were told to continue to boarding.

    We found out later the father was kicked out of the park and is on a list not to be able to return to WDW in the future.

    lesson learned - take your time, do not argue, and be kind to others
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    At California Adventure's California Scream'n coaster, a father was yelling agrily at the CM's and holding up the line because his son was 1" too short to ride even with his 2" thick soled shoes. He would not accept any answer the CM's gave regarding rules, safety etc. Security finally arrived and forcibly escorted him out so the line could continue.
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    Ok so I was about 8 or 9 and I was watching the Little Mermaid show in Hollywood Studios and had just gotten some Flip recording camera and I was excited about it and recording the show and these two women in like their 20s or 30s asked me to stop, so my mom told me to just lower the camera down and turn down the brightness. Keep in mind that I'm 8-9 and excited about a new recording camera, so about two minutes later these two women start kicking mine and my mom's seats as hard as they could because I didn't completely stop recording so my mom told me to go ahead and hold the camera up in front of their faces and turn up the brightness for the rest of the show as she got out her camera. They stopped kicking, but we held up the cameras. They glared at us the whole way out it was hilarious XD.

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