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    Feb 7, 2005
    This may be a sign that I have become truely obsessive in my planning. But, be that as it may......

    Our first day looks like this:

    Arrive MCO 9:20

    Picked up at MCO by Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Limo

    Limo to WL

    At noon, limo takes us from WL to Richard Petty Driving Experience (as a suprise to my fiance :earseek: )

    Now, after that we don't have the limo anymore.

    RPDE should end around 4:00pm

    We have AD at Olivia's at 5:00.

    Are there buses from RPDE to OKW?

    Is there a shuttle from RPDE to TTC? Then do we take a bus to OKW? Anyone have any idea how long that would take? Did I leave enough time?

    Then, after dinner, do we have to take a bus from OKW to TTC to WL?

    Oy. :teeth:

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