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Mar 5, 2001
I noticed the Navigator says rooms will be ready at 1:15. Does that mean if boarding starts early, say at 12:15, we won't be able to go to our stateroom until 1:15? Will we be able to find out our dining rotation before the ressie scramble starts? Only 6 more days and counting!
I'm not entirerly sure, but I believe that if they let people start boarding, then the rooms are most likely, in general, all ready. However, going to your room is rarely the first order of business.

Taking care of ressies. exploring the ship, getting the kids club arranged (if appropriate) all take some time.

You will know your dining rotation as soon as you check in - it's printed on your Key To The World card.
Castawayfan is correct; if you board before 1:00 pm (and sometimes even before 1:30 pm) they will direct you to go to lunch first as the rooms are not ready. You'll have to drag your carry on items with you as well, so plan ahead and try not to carry on too many items with you. :)

Castawayfan is right, they won't let you go to your stateroom at 12 something. But, our stateroom has always been ready at 1:25pm! So relax when you get on board, go to lunch and book your spa or Palo reservations and your room will be ready by then. :)

Regarding knowing what your dinner rotation is - that is listed on your Key to the World room key which you receive when you check in at the terminal. You also receive the day's Navigator (adult only) when you check in. So you will have all that info before you board the ship.


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