Room/ticket prices higher with FREE dining pkg??


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Jun 5, 2000
I just checked on the web and if I book our new package our ticket prices are 82.00 more expensive and our room prices are now 70.00/night higher (poly GVC). This comes out to 500.00 more expensive but we are saving 750.00 with the free dining.

Hey... I will take a 250.00 net savings plus whatever we save from using the dining plan. I guess that is what we will get for dealing with higher crowds (now listed as a 7 instead of a 3/4 in UG) and filled up restaurants.

GO DISNEY :flower:

Cheshire Figment

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Jan 12, 2001
Remember that with the dining package you cannot have a discounted room rate.


Jun 30, 2005
I originally booked POP with a AAA discount for 8 nights with a 7 day hopper. The total price was 1037.00. I was considering the dining plan and noticed they were giving it free for the days we were already going to be there. They took away the AAA discount which brought us to 1155.00 for the same package but included the dining. I decided to add 2 more nights so we are staying 10 nights, 10 day park hoppers and 10 days of dining for 1355.00. I think it is incredible. I think it depends on what your family size is and if you are AP holders etc. but for me I could not pass this savings up. I figure sitting down for an hour or so each day with my family is an excellent way to spend my time. Enjoy your vacation.


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Jun 22, 2005
kimatigger, how many in your family? Quote for 7 nights for our family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) was almost $1500 at POP w/8day park hoppers. :confused3
Gotta be a family size thing, right?


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