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  1. Minniemania877

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    Mar 5, 2018
    I am looking to book a room for May 2019 at a moderate resort. Is it possible to book now and if room only discounts come out (looks like traditionally they come out in January) call and apply the discount (if the stars align, and it's a hotel that is included, etc.)? Or do I have to wait to book it until the actual discount comes out?
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    Moving this to the Discount Codes and Rates board. :)
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    If you want to stay at that resort & room type even if you don’t get a discount, book it whenever you want. If you need a discount to keep that room & resort, there is no point booking it now. Having an existing reservation does not give you any advantage when a discount t is released. But having an existing reservation won’t exclude you either. Disney’s discounts are not “new bookings only”.

    When Disney releases discounts, you can try to apply it to an existing reservation. Disney does exclude certain resorts or room types & limits how many rooms are available at each resort for each discount. If your room type or resort are excluded, you can’t apply the discount to your reservation. If the allotted number of rooms in your resort & room type are already gone, you can’t apply the discount to your existing reservation.

    You can change to a resort or room type that is available tho. Many posters suggest that if you want to book ahead, always book what you want & will keep even if you can’t get a discount. Then when a discount is released, you can try to modify it to upgrade your room or resort. But no point booking something you will have to cancel if you don’t get a discount.

    Also, since Disney releases discounts to fill rooms, many posters think booking a resort & expecting to get a discount there can actually work against you. If the resort gets filled at rack rate, Disney will exclude it from the discounts, because it has no need to discount an already fully booked resort.
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    I agree with all of this :thumbsup2

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