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    Oct 21, 2007
    Is there anywhere that you can see all available rooms for the disney cruise ships. I know there is a website I use for RCCL where I can see all the open rooms and it has been a great source when figuring out where to book for family etc. I haven't seen anything for Disney and seem to be having trouble on the disney website figuring out if its actually available.

    Any suggestions other than calling?
  2. cris0809

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    Apr 22, 2009
    As far as I've been able to figure out there is no one source for seeing all rooms available. There's a website out there that will show you what percentage of categories are available to book and DCL's website will give you up to eight staterooms in a category (if there are that many available).

    Seems like they don't want all of the data available. Although they will tell you how full your sailing is at Guest Services when you're actually onboard.

    Your best bet is to come up with a list of ones you might like and then just type the numbers in when selecting your stateroom. It's more of a true/false result.
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    Just by doing a dummy booking on the DCL site. When you get to where you select your room, they will offer the available rooms (up to 6 or 8 of them).

    Sometimes using other booking sources you may see more, but, AFAIK, there's no place that just shows all available rooms.
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    Jun 2, 2008
    This is not easy at first but after you have done it a few thousand times it gets easier.

    If you go to the Disney Web site, you can see what is availabe You don't have to put your name in.

    Go to the Disney Cruise web site web site
    Chose a date
    Chose a destination
    Chose a Port departure
    The number of people ( be sure to put in the actual # of people)

    Then click on "Find Cruises"

    A page will come up with the different types of rooms Inside or Ocean View or Veranda

    Within the room types click on the category you want (for example 7A or 7B or 7C) then click continue

    Now comes the tricky part

    In the second box down it says staterooms

    it will say something like Deluxe oceanview stateroom to the right of that it will say change click on change

    Now in the middle of that page it will say the type of stateroom you selected and under that it will say Stateroom # not selected

    click on select and it will give you a general idea of the cabins available.
    If you want to see another category click on the change button.

    If one of the category's is low lighted it means they area all sold out.

    If it says "Choose Guaranty" you will get that price but will not be assigned a cabin until 50-60 days prior to your cruise. You will not have a choice of staterooms.

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