Rise of the Resistance BOARDING GROUPS Superthread Part 1 *No Ride Spoilers Please* *PLEASE READ POSTS 1-4*

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Jun 24, 2014
As far as cell reception goes, I think it’s individual to your phone. We scored group 21 last Sunday. I was using my dad’s iPhone 10 5G. I had 4 bars until I got to the path that takes you towards Alice and Matterhorn. So I walked back into the street part of the hub, right in front of that place that serves the Minnie character breakfast. I cannot think of the name. I had full bars, closed the app about 7:56, relaunched it at 7:58, used a clock with seconds on my phone, and at 7:59:59 clicked find out more. So basically just find a spot where you have lots of bars for service! My dad’s phone was lightening fast. I couldn’t believe it. No delays on the app at all.


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Nov 26, 2018
Guessing we are down? I was hoping to be at CA this evening. We have two FP starting at 5:30. I hope it opens back up soon
Looks like you got called. Screenshot your fast passes. I bet if you go back over to DCA after you ride and don't make it in time, you can explain the situation to the CM at the FP gate and they'll let you through.
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    Jan 23, 2012
    Do you still need to be at the park super early to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance?
    I went for an over night trip 1-28 Tue/Wed 1-29.
    Wed morning my plan was to grab a coffee and wait at the gates for opening 8am.
    When I got through security at 6:50 am this is what I saw... The lines were almost back to the Monorail track.2020-01-29 6-52am.jpg
    I decided to skip a coffee run and hop in line. By 7:20am the line was back to the ticket booths on the Harbor Side.
    2020-01-29 7-20am.jpg
    Disney opened early to ease the pressure on the Esplanade.
    I went to Starbucks in DL for coffee. There was NO line, which was a first for me.
    At 7:35am this is the view from the Train Platform. The line is back to the Green Tents for Security.
    There were PEOPLE everywhere! Inside and outside DL.
    2020-01-29 7-35am.jpg

    Below is the view from the Train Station to Main Street at 8:01am
    2020-01-29 8am.jpg
    After 8am everyone began calling out their BG number.
    I was lucky enough to get #42.

    You just need to be through the gates by 8am to have a shot at a BG#

    Good Luck



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    Jun 5, 2005
    I need to see a visual of each screen. I know this link has been posted, but I can’t find it. I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong. I got to the screen that told me to pick the group and all 3 were already selected (purchased on phone), but I could not figure out what to do next! I didn’t seem to have any options. I missed something. 😞
    Maybe this will help with the visuals?



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    Jan 18, 2011
    Just got back from 4 days at DL. First day was Monday with opening at 9 am. We headed to the park shortly after 8am, got through security quickly and we were in line for opening around 8:20 or so. They started letting people in the park around 8:30 and we made our way to the rope at Frontier Land. We stood there for about 20 minutes and then they dropped the rope at 8:55. We started walking quickly towards GE, watching our phones for the time. Three of us had phones, all logged into my account. At about 5 seconds before 9 am, we all went into the app and I was able to get BG 17.
    On Tuesday, we entered early to do Magic Morning. We were standing in line for Alice in Wonderland, had full bars but we each had a hard time getting the Join Boarding Group button to light up. I finally got BG 115. We didn't get called until after 8pm.
    On Wednesday the park opened at 8am and we were headed to Smugglers Run when 8am hit. Hubby got through and got BG 35.
    On Thursday the park had Magic Morning but we didn't enter until around 8:30, with a regular opening at 9am. We were standing in line for Big Thunder Mountain at 9am and I got BG 31. Thursday was a bad day for breakdowns. We didn't end up getting on the ride until 3pm.

    I honestly think it is just all luck. Obviously the more phones you can use the better your chances are. I really wish the app would state something like "Holding or suspended" or something like that when it goes down. The ride is great for sure and we were happy we were able to get BGs each day.
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    Aug 11, 2017
    Going to go to the park around 9 or 10 tomorrow morning. I'll report on how the crowds are then. Obviously I'm not doing the ride lol. But it can be info for those who are wondering how crowds are after the morning madness (at least, I hoe the madness will be over by then lol).


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    Jun 12, 2017
    Follow up from an earlier post, my group of 5 made it to DL last night and today I feel like I won the BG game!😋 After following this thread and reading everything I successfully scored BG 11, which was the first BG of the day! 🤗 I felt completely validated in my pursuit to obtain a guaranteed BG and even wohoo’d 🥳 when I was the actual person to get the BG for our party. So here’s what I did, we entered from the harbor side, about 7:15ish got into one of the center lines around for DL turnstiles around 7:20; we had 5 phones all logged in on my account, which also had the tickets linked up; gates opened around 7:40 I think; we were in the park by 7:55 and headed to the stairs to the train station. I sent 3 phones to top of stairs, 1 old 8 plus on WiFi, 1 iPhone 11 on att, and 1 iPhone with T-Mobile, I and another stayed at bottom of stairs, near flag pole, I was on my iPhone X att and another iPhone on T-Mobile. Used Apple Watch with second hand. I opened DL app around 7:50 and booked Fastpass then closed app completely and re-opened at 7:57 then right at 8 clicked learn more and the the BG was red, clicked and got the BG! It was awesome! Good luck to everyone!


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    Oct 17, 2010
    It looks like they’re done at 110; but either way, I have to be. My son has been super sick and I’m either catching it or am fatigued from a week of round-the-clock tending to my poor sickie, and am headed to bed.

    A couple of stoppages, but altogether a successful day. And interesting to see how close it hewed to the trend line. One question though—I don’t recall them ever keeping the ride open until 10 pm. Am I forgetting something? Why does the trend line suddenly climb all the way to 10 pm?

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    Nov 15, 2009
    In fact, I would like to get a viral rumor going that March 7-8 will be horribly crowded and everyone should just stay home...

    I think this is an excellent idea! I just realized that this is the same weekend I am staying. I booked 11 months prior for F&W and I have friends coming to crash on the couch in my Villa.

    Saturday is going to be our try at a BG, although I'm coming out for the day a week earlier to do a test run.


    Jul 4, 2016
    In case anyone doesn’t care to click, they get the physical passes from the Splash kiosks. However, they show people running/jogging to get back there (which is supposed to be a no-no)... but it definitely looks less crazy than other videos I’ve seen of people trying to get back there - then again, everything seemed pretty empty in general? So I’m not sure if this is viable every day, but could be worth a shot.

    I’m dubious because it seems like it’d be easy to be there on a day where 50 people try this and people run and it doesn’t work, or where you’re 30 people back at the rope to begin with...
    Maybe I’ll send my husband back with our tickets on Sunday and have him report back on how this goes on a weekend. He likes to hustle.
    We tried the Splash kiosks on the Sunday of opening weekend, in addition to using 3 phones. We were about 60 people back at the Adventureland rope drop, and we were speed walking on freshly cleaned, wet pavement the whole way back to the kiosk - people were slipping. Due to people nearly running and cutting each other off, I ultimately gave up on trying to keep my family together, left the kids with my husband and managed to speed walk to the kiosk line with about 8 people in front of me. Since I had 2 phones, I switched with my husband when they caught up and posted up on a bench in time for 8 am. He was 2nd or 3rd in line for the kiosk and got BG 31 by phone a split second before I got in, and all of this happened before his turn at the kiosk. As I have mentioned before, the CM’s were announcing the whole time that the phones are the way to go.

    If you try for the Splash kiosk, you must be *at the rope*, physically ready for a long race across the park, and prepared to feed your passes into the kiosk as quickly as you can. I doubt the kiosk passes last more than 2 people per kiosk (I think there are 3 back there). Honestly given the amount of effort and stress involved, I don’t recommend it. It was reminiscent of our Animal Kingdom rope drop for Flight of Passage in Aug 2017 - fewer people, but every bit as intense. We got BG’s 20 and 31 on the Sat and Sun of opening weekend on our phones (Verizon iPhone XSMax, on cellular, from Ronto Roasters and Splash, respectively). And people are getting better BG’s right inside the gate, without running around!

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    Apr 18, 2016
    Looks like you got called. Screenshot your fast passes. I bet if you go back over to DCA after you ride and don't make it in time, you can explain the situation to the CM at the FP gate and they'll let you through.
    yeah it actually worked out getting called right when we got off the hotel shuttle. we got over to CA in time for RSR and only missed our Toy Story Mania but since we don’t have to be at Disneyland right when it opens we figured we would go to CA first tomorrow and ride the couple rides we didn’t get to do today. Honestly the only downside to these BG is the not knowing when you will get called so planning the rest of the day is harder for sure but overall we had a great day and rode a lot of rides. Hit every single big ticket rides and most of the rides for the little guy too. For us the park didn’t feel crowded until around 7 when we noticed a lot of teens and young adults.


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    Aug 1, 2015
    Well, we were able to get on the ride again today. The ride itself was even more amazing the second time, but the whole process definitely didn't go as smooth for me as it did yesterday. Remember yesterday how I got BG2 and rode right after breakfast? Well, that didn't happen today...

    We got in the park about 7:40 and went to the exact same spot at train station where I got BG2 yesterday. Right at 8 hit "Find Out More." Did not turn red. Backed out and tried 3 more times, but did not turn red. At this point I panicked a little because others were already cheering, but still no red for me. So, I tried something different. I clicked my status and then clicked "Join Boarding Group" from there. It worked, but I got BG58. That was ok. We didn't need to leave park until 6:45 to catch plane, so I felt 58 was pretty safe.

    At 1:40 got notification that our BG was called. We got over there as soon as we could and were told it just went down. We decided to wait sitting on the rocks right at the entrance. We waited roughly an hour. It was pretty miserable, since it was right in the sun, but I did not want to lose that spot. There was a large mob forming throughout the area, and I knew there would be chaos as soon as it opened. I was right. I knew the ride was running again when I saw hundreds of people grab their stuff and charge in our direction. We got in just before the stampede, and proceeded to the spot where they scan the BG's. Behind us I could hear security yelling to maintain order. Glad we got in ahead of that! We were able to walk without stopping almost to the first queue scene.

    Ride was amazing again, but yesterday went so much smoother for us. But, at least we were fortunate enough to ride twice.
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    Jul 23, 2012
    ... because of our delay, we did not get off the ride until after 2 o’clock, but I did screenshot the rider switch, and as it turned out, it was no problem at all to use it even though it was no longer in my app. I am not sure whether it would have been as easy if I had not taken the screenshot...
    Good idea and a good safety measure! Other posters have also recommended taking a screenshot of your Boarding Pass, just in case it disappears from your app.

    ... I think people are reaching for patterns to feel like they’re doing someone concrete. And I don’t think it’s a bad idea to try to give yourself every edge possible! But at the end of the day, the tech is just kinda wonky. I definitely don’t think people getting locked out or getting later groups are necessarily doing something “wrong,” or something they could have avoided by knowing which nanosecond to launch their app.
    Agree. Happy Birthday to your DH! Have a great time on Sunday and please report back on your ROTR experience!


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    May 7, 2019
    Presidents Weekend is going to be busy, no doubt, but I'm wondering if its going to fall victim to people being scared of crowds and not going and perhaps be not quite as bad as everyone fears? It's still wide open all weekend for Flex Pass reservations whereas nearly every weekend for the Nov/Dec holiday season as well as ROTR opening weekend/MLK were Reservation Unavailable weeks ahead of time...

    Or am I just making excuses for trying to talk myself into going that weekend... LOL
    I’m hoping this is the case!! We fly from NYC to LAX Feb 13th for our second trip ever to DLR. Crowds stay awayyyy


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    Jan 30, 2020
    They started letting people in the park around 8:30 and we made our way to the rope at Frontier Land. We stood there for about 20 minutes and then they dropped the rope at 8:55. We started walking quickly towards GE, watching our phones for the time. Three of us had phones, all logged into my account. At about 5 seconds before 9 am, we all went into the app and I was able to get BG 17.
    So I assume you could enter GE from Frontierland right after rope drop. That's what I'm planning to do on my first visit to the park, and I don't want to be sent back to another entrance.
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