Reservations and Priority Seating?


Oct 11, 1999
We are staying at HRH, so as I understand it, we get priority seating at all the restaurants, right? Do we need to make reservations also? Please correct me if I am wrong about the PS.
Thanks! :)


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I'd like to know the PS/ressie policy also for both on-site and off-site guests. Anyone?

PoohBWV, Moderator - Canadian Visitors Board
Maybe I shuld clarify why I am asking this question???
I am really trying to be "casual" about this trip. ( not scheduling times,days,minutes like I did last year at WDW!) It would be nice to know if we could just "stroll up" to a restaurant and be seated at the next available table. :) If not, I will go ahead and make ressies. :(
hey megsmom--i am also trying not to micro-manage this trip--want to be relaxed--enjoying no planning....but, on the ohter hand,......if we really need ressies, i will make them...

so whats up? does the priority seating really work so that all you do is go into the restaurant you want, and get first available table? or not?

I had an interesting experience with this. I called Universal a couple weeks before we left to make a PS at Margaritaville for a Sunday night at 7. They gave me a confirmation number that began with LM. The rep said that he could make PS's at some Citywalk restaurants and not others. When we arrived at Margaritaville, the hostess said that Universal makes PS's but the restaurant has no way of finding out about them! They were nice about it though and seated us after 15 min. when the wait was well over an hour.

The concierge at the HRH will make PS's at Citywalk restaurants for Sun-Thurs evenings only. This is advertised on the hotel TV station. She made one for us at Pastamore but we still had to wait about 15-20 minutes.

Emeril's takes reservations if you call them directly.
Thanks for the info!! :)
So what I think your saying is... that it's best to wait until we get there and either have concierge make a ressie or just show up at the restaurant and try to get a PS with our hotel key?
One week to go!!! Yippee!!!!


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