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Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2001
Hi! Maybe this is a strange question. Can I make a second reservation for the same time period? Right now I have 2 rooms booked for PO-Riverside at the end of April. If I could get a good rate I would like to book All-STar and save $$. I then would make a decision.Would I lose the other reservation ? Will CRO know I Have 2? Should I put reservation in husbands name? Thanks for advice - I'm pretty new here and the last time I was in WDW was in 1989. :rolleyes:
You can have any number of reservation on hold for you. You will not lose them as long as you pay a deposit. I sometimes hold several until I decide which one the family wants. If I placed a deposit on one and choose another I just transfer that money onto the new one. CRO can tell that you have some kind of ressie in th e system but not how many. Unless they punch your name in searching for them.Have a Great Disney Day!!

71-78 Ft. Wilderness
84 - Royal Plaza
85 - off property
86 - off property
90 - Wilderness H
91 - off property
92 - off property
93 - Poly
94 - Old Key West
94 - FT. WIL. Home
95 - Beach Club
96 - Boardwalk
00 - GF Concierge
00 - FT WILD. Home
08/01 - Contemporary 2 bedroom suite
12/01 - FW Cabins



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