Reposting. Switched from Poly (cash) to OKW (points)


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May 31, 2000
I had posted this late late late last night on the old board, and did get a couple of responses (THANK YOU!) but wanted to get more exposure here for more help...

Hope no one minds me reposting:bounce:

We had planned a Poly trip for May (for 12 days), with cash. We recently closed on our DVC points and thought we'd save the cash and go to OKW using points. We've made the switch and are now having second thoughts.

It will be me, dh, dd (6), ds (4) and sil (13). We really want to show sil a GREAT time as she hasn't been to WDW since she was 6, and probably won't be back for awhile. While we originally switched to a 2-br OKW suite to save $$ and to have the convenience of 2 bathrooms, we now worry about the bus system and having to spend so much of our time waiting around for buses (that can be hard to do with tired kids who just need some down time in the pool or need to catch a quick nap)...The speed and eficiency of the monorail may be too good for us to pass up because of this situation.

Have we done the right thing? Should we change our Poly reservation (haven't cancelled yet) to points?? What is the bus situation REALLY like at OKW? Has the new bus system improved it at all???

We'd appreciate any feedback!



I have never experience any worse bus delays at OKW than at any of the other WDW resort hotels. Yes every now and then I have had to wait 15 - 20 minutes, but I have had to do that at all the hotels at WDW. I ususally get a bus within 10 minutes.

Like you said, you will be much more comfortable in the 2Br at OKW.

Have a great trip
You say you want to show your SIL a great time....well it doesn't get much better than a 2-bedroom at OKW. Transportation is by bus (or boat to DD) but it is just as good or better than bus service at every other WDW resort. Everybody wants the bus right there every time and sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't. The beauty of the resort and the size and beauty of the villa should wow her. The problem is the rest of you may be spoiled from returning to "hotel" rooms after this trip. (Not sure whether the teenage personality has taken over your SIL yet, sometimes they don't say much but you later find out they are/did have a good time.) Stop second-guessing. You've done the right thing.
The spaciousness and comfort of a 2BR at OKW will be far more enjoyable, in my opinion, than a stay at the Poly. The full kitchen, washer & dryer, privacy, and other amenities should make for a wonderful WDW vacation!:jester:
Thanks everyone for your encouragement!!

We made the switch, and then searched the DIS and got quite a few posts that complained about bus service, having to wait 50 minutes or more, not being able to rely on the bus "schedule," amid other complaints!

I'm sure we'll have a GREAT time!! If for no other reason than we will BE AT WDW!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Thanks everyone!!

ohiominnie :p

p.s. dh, if you're reading this at you feel better now?
Don't worry about the transportation at OKW. Except for MK, you will probably have better service to all locations than at the Poly. Ask the bus driver for an approximate schedule for return from the park and you'll be fine.

Please let us know how you fare! I suspect you'll forget all about a room at the Poly once you've enjoyed a 2BR villa. Have a great trip!
Here's a thought....instead of switching ressies, rent a car. It would still be cheaper than staying at the Poly.
I'm with ripleysmom; rent a car and check into the posts that recommend trying Priceline. I've not tried renting a car through them before because I previously travelled with an older Mom, but I certainly would if it was just me and the kids. I got burned years ago using WDW transportation and thinkits both more convenient and ultimately cheaper, since I'm not wasting time waiting, to rent a car.
We have considered that. Especially to use for the early entry days to the MK...park close, catch the monorail. Also, we'd like to take a trip to Sea World. We had planned on going to ours here in Ohio, but it was sold :( We figured we'd rent a car in the next couple of years so that we could do that....maybe we'll just do it THIS trip!!! Wonder if sil has ever been to Sea World!! Hmmmm.


ohiominnie :p
If you need a good car rental discount code you can use K163324 for Avis. You don't need any proof of anything for this code. Also, you can check out the Transportation Board under Trip Planning for any other deals that might be going on. Good Luck!
I always use Disney transportation to go to the parks but I also rent a car. It's so much easier to go visit other resorts and is also terrific for getting to the grocery store and exploring the area.
Have you tried getting into BW? Then you'd only have to take buses to 2 parks.
I share your concerns. I have had some terrible experiences on the buses. And with a tired kids it's even worse.
I swore I would never stay anywhere except a monorail resort.
But PamOKW is very convincing, as you can tell, and has talked me into staying at my home of OKW for the first time. I just bought a resale last week.

Have fun what ever you decide and let me know how it goes. We are going in October.
You will love OKW. We just came back from our first visit using our points and it is going to be pretty hard to go back to just staying in a hotel room. Trust me, if you're sil is not impressed nothing with impress her!

The only time we had a problem with the bus was 2 X's at night after 7 pm trying to get to the MK, other then that it worked fine. There were no problems coming home from the MK both of those nights, just getting there.
Our home resort is BWV but we stayed at OKW for several nights during spring break in March. We did not have ANY problems with bus service. I think the longest we ever waited was 10 minutes. As far as impressing your SIL, wait 'til she walks into the 2 bedroom unit! Nothing is as impressive as the 2 bedroom units at OKW. They are larger and more impressive than the units at BWV. You will have a great time and more space to spread out than you would have at the Poly! Enjoy - and please let us know what your SIL thought when you get back. ;)

I agree with the other posts. You will not be disappointed by staying in the OKW 2 BR. We always rent a car ourselves because we like to travel between resorts for the dining experiences. If you are planning on going mostly to the parks, the buses for OKW will likely be adequate. In fact, my wife likes to take the bus rather than our driving, because she likes to relax on vacation. She's not a type "A" individual like me. :)

Otherwise, if you want to use some of your cash savings from the Poly reservation, you could rent a car. We have almost always found the rates in Orlando to be pretty good.

No matter what you decide, you WILL like OKW! Have a great time! :bounce:

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